If I was relocating, I’d want all the information that I could get my hands on in the shortest time possible. Moving is only one part of the big move and once you’re settled you will want to go out and experience everything that this city has to offer. Now, it is impossible to distill London and the essence into 400 words, but we have managed to do it for you in under a thousand! This guide will inspire you to get out of your new flat and make the most of the Christmas season in this exciting and cosmopolitan city.

London is one of the prime tourist destinations in the world for good reason. There is a wealth of both culture and shopping to suit all kinds of visitors, and this will give you an idea of what is available, whatever your interests may be.

This city is full of museums of all types, from small ones dedicated to famous writers like Charles Dickens to the huge museums like The British Museum (art and artefacts from around the world). The Victoria and Albert (one of the world’s greatest collections of art and design), The Natural History Museum (from dinosaurs to plants, animals and rocks), The Science Museum, The Museum of London (celebrates the history and culture) and the Imperial War Museum. All of these museums are free to visit, although some individual exhibitions may carry an entry fee. They are all well worth a visit, and a great place to go if you want to get out of the rain or need to while away a few hours. There also are a wide variety of art galleries, including the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Portrait Museum and Tate Britain.

Visitors want to know more about its rich history, and about the British Royal family, and there are many attractions that relate to this. The Tower of London, the Crown Jewels, Tower Bridge, the London Dungeons, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are all very popular destinations for tourists. These attractions all carry an admission charge, and if you are planning to stay for any length of time, it is worth paying for a London Pass, which allows you entry to a massive range of attractions. You can also twin it with a pass for the Underground train service.

Locals do not worry about the weather, so you should just wrap up warm and get out there to enjoy all of the sights.

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