One of the three famous museums in London is the Victoria & Albert Museum, so after taking a trip to the other two, consider visiting here when you find a flat in London. There is no way to live in the city without discovering its history and the Victoria & Albert museum can satisfy anyone with a love of art and design. Learn a bit about the museum before you start discovering about how art innovations have changed over the years.

About The V & A Museum

The Victoria & Albert Museum is often known as the V & A Museum. The name arose after credit to Queen Victoria & Prince Albert and since the founding in 1852; worldwide tourists have flocked here every single day. After a recent renovation with £150 million worth of funds, the museum has improved in its appearance and its broad collection range. Art can be viewed from over 5,000 years ago here, proving the experience to be very interesting. Visitor facilities, shops, gardens and galleries are just some of the things incorporated into this breathtaking building, giving guests a memorable visit. If you choose to come here after you find a flat in London, plan your trip in advance.

What To See Here

The V & A Museum is split up into a variety of sections, each aimed at displaying work from different countries around the world. Examples of some departments include China, Asia, Japan, Italy, Korea and USA. In these departments much can be seen, including sculptures, furniture, ironwork, jewelry, medieval art, costumes, textiles, drawings, photographs and many more. There are different events and exhibitions taking place here all of the time and in Autumn, there will be a Hollywood Costume exhibition. In this exhibition, guests can discover the clothing worn by superstars and how art and design has transformed over the years. When you find a flat in London, consider getting a tour guide to explain some interesting details about the items in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Location & Prices

You can easily visit the V & A Museum throughout the year. Opening hours are 10am-5.45pm on weekdays and the museum opens until 10pm on Fridays, giving guests more time to stroll around the surroundings and soak in some fantastic pieces of artistic history. December 24th-26th is the only dates when the museum is closed to the public. Book your tickets before you visit here after you find a flat in London and spare some funds for a bite to eat and drink in the indoor restaurant facilities.

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