If you’re moving to on a budget, some of us  have been starting to compile some cost-saving ideas to help you pinch your pence once living here—this is particularly useful if you’re moving to London with children or as a student or otherwise without a job (which certainly happens in the case of dual-citizens or Tier 1 visa-holders).

I’ve mentioned before there are easy ways to catch daily updates on good deals, and lately some friends of mine who are also American expats have been giving me the heads-up on other resources. Groupon, offers exclusive savings on any number of dining or recreational activities, and morelondon will keep you in the know on free events.  For a growling stomach, don’t feel you need to live on Marmite and toast alone—treat yourself to a dinner out!  Toptable and OpenTable are your go-to resources in that case.

None of us who aren’t originally from here are kidding ourselves—it’s an expensive city.  You’ll be paying through the nose enough on housing in London (but remember the time and money you’ll save on hotel costs if you use our relocation services to find a flat!), so don’t do the same for what can still be a pleasurable and indulgent lifestyle 🙂

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