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We’re having a bit of a giggle in the office over an observation one of our clients made yesterday.  Driving around town with our trusted London Relocation agent to view all the beautiful properties meeting their specifications, the couple couldn’t help but comment on the London lettings agents we picked up throughout the day…

…nothing good or bad, just…well…

“Have you seen The Matrix?”

Yes, our agent had.

“They all look like Agent Smith.”

Wow, are we laughing.  No, not at you, Dear Lettings Agents, our fine collaborators in placing our clients in optimal properties.  We are laughing with you.

Don’t be intimidated by this image if you’re considering our services—they’re friendly people, really, and so are we!  We have high expectations of ourselves and most certainly for our properties and the people who refine and present them to you.

So here, here to the Lettings Agents and their professionalism, all of ’em looking so smart in their suits and sunglasses.  They’re the people that help us help you in having a wide variety of options, so your decision will be much less stressful than choosing the red pill or the blue pill 😉

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