London is a pretty loud place, and we don’t mean that in a bad way. The capital is vibrant, colorful, filled with life! It is everything you’d expect from an enormous cosmopolitan city and then some.

Heck, London’s “noisiness” is one of its main selling points.

Still, that doesn’t mean one can’t expect to have his much deserved moments of peace and quiet at home after a busy day.

Living in the suburbs seems like a great option for that, but while solving one issue it creates a different one – commuting. But does one really need to sacrifice one for the other?

Nope. Not if you’ll be living in one of the areas listed below.


One hundred and thirty acres of world-famous botanical gardens covering the lion’s share of the area filled with greens, tropical trees, and what seems like otherworldly flowers is as Zen as things can get in a cosmopolitan city.

Even if we were to take the gardens out of the equation, we’d still have a lovely, quiet area riddled with dozens of green spaces and 18th-century architecture. The place is literacy made to become a lovely family nest for you and your close ones.

So, if you feel like having a Palm House or a Japanese Landscape garden in a 5 to 15 minutes walk from your home, Kew is definitely a place that’s worth your attention.

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If vibrant greens are not your cup of tea, what about the calming, soothing, picturesque riverside? Sure, the E1W is not what one would call the city’s center, but it is still close enough to mitigate the typical pains of commuting, and the vibe of a quiet waterside town that’s lost in space and time is definitely worth your attention.

Where else will you get a chance to enjoy a pint in a cozy pub or treat yourself to an amazing selection of warming drinks in a coffee shop while on a bank of a proud river?

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Now that we are talking about finding a place near a bed of water in London, Barnes seems like a natural candidate worth checking out. The place is 15 minutes away from the city center, and yet it is as rural and rustic as a Hallmark postcard.

Georgian architecture, superb cottages capable of fitting a lovely family of 6 and then some, a cheerful local community, and an amazing selection of 17th-century pubs are just the tip of an iceberg here.

Oh, and did we mention they have a local cricket pitch here?

Check out available properties in Barnes.


Hampstead is definitely not the number one area that you think of when looking for a quiet place in London. Heck, it’s not even in the top 10.

But if you were to walk a couple of miles up the road, you’d be fascinated with a surprising discovery – Highgate. Think Hampstead Health but with half the people.

Local woods are scenic in its charm. We’d even dare say it is cathartic, making the area a perfect breath of fresh air (both literally and figuratively) from the crowded streets of the Smoke.

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Greenwich is one of the greener areas of London, true, but it is also a massive tourist attraction. Or, in simpler words, it is crowded 24/7/365. But if you were to walk 3 miles away from the gem of South East London, you’d find yourself in one of London’s most peaceful areas – Blackheath Common, a lovely village-like town that looks like it was stripped from the pages of a Victorian novel.

Cafes, shops, boutiques, restaurants, rural architecture, and a loving community are an amazing contrast to the glass and metal jungle of Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers (that are a mere 6 miles away, by the way).

The place is perfect for couples, families with kids, and everyone else who is into relaxing for a bit after spending the day in the noisy city.

Check out available properties in Blackheath.

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By BLOG | 31 Dec 2022 | London Tips & Culture