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LGBT Moving to England

In an ideal world, this page would not exist…

This page shouldn’t have to be here when moving to England…

But as long as any member of the LGBT+ community faces the slightest possibility of being turned down by a landlord on the basis of their orientation we will keep it up, and we will stand firm, and stand by you. We are glad you are moving to England!

We’re all expats at London Relocation, every single member of our team has relocated to London at least once (that’s why we’re so great at what we do!) and at least one of our team members has had to face this question from a landlord, or felt obliged to ‘disclose’ their orientation. Finding LGBT friendly properties in London when you’re moving to England, should never be a hassle or cause undue stress during an international relocation.

This should never happen, and it will never happen to anyone who works with our team.

‘Nuff said.

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