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Unspoken Gem of London

The dim glow of the gaslights is of little comfort tonight, as the fig doesn’t allow you to see further than your own hand.

The day was tough. You didn’t get paid for that side gig you’ve wasted 14 hours on. You are hungry. You are tired. You are angry. But even more than that you are scared because you know who roams these streets at night. Whitechapel is His palace and the darkness is His queen. Contact us to learn more about rental agency near me

And then you stop dead in your place. You’ve just heard a scream. You wish to scream too. You wish to shout “help” more than anything in the world right now. You wish to shout it like your life depends on it because it does.

But you can’t.

The tight grip of fear is choking you harder than His fingers ever could. He knows that you will be quiet as He steps forward. He smiles with his crooked smile. He reaches out for his blade and…

Oh, come on. Not another tale about Jack the Ripper! You know how it goes. You’ve heard thousands of them by now.

Ok, you know what? Jack is not the only thing worth mentioning in Whitechapel now, is he? The guy stood where we stand centuries ago. Whitechapel has matured and blossomed into a real beauty since.

Don’t believe me? Let’s check out the facts:

  • Close proximity to the center of London? Check.
  • Simple commuting system and the availability of choices? Check.
  • A wide array of cultural hot spots? Check.
  • The absence of homicidal maniacs roaming the streets? Check, check, check!

Jeez, with a record of accomplishment like that there is no wonder that Whitechapel became a delicious property investment for Londoners and foreigners alike.

Whitechapel today

What is the best part about Whitechapel today? The place is still a work in progress. It is getting rebuilt, upgraded and polished. I can say the same about fewer areas of London than I have fingers on one arm.

Why is it a great thing? Well, because of constructions like the Crossrail that will get you to the Heathrow Airport in less than 40 minutes. The best part? Improvements like that are happening on every corner.

Not all of them are as big, of course, but who says that they need to be? Whitechapel has become a flourishing hub for small businesses of the service industry lately. Shops, stores, coffee houses, and restaurants are popping out like mushrooms in September. This, in turn, brings three more benefits of living in the area:

  1. The food. The simplicity of commuting here attracts many people from other parts of London as well and it brings new blood into the industry raising the competition and improving the quality of service. It’s not just the local places that Whitechapel restaurants have to compete with now, but the big guys from the likes of Soho as well. .As a result, there is more to eat here from independent restaurants, food fairs and thematically events than one ever should.
  2. The shopping. All of the greatest markets of London like Columbia Road, Spitalfields and Brick lane are but a few minutes of walking away from you. Oxford Street is a bit further but nothing too critical. Needless to say, you will get everything you want here within a couple of hours or less. If that’s not a shopping hub paradise for you – what is?
  3. Restaurants, pubs, clubs and public community hubs all with a different agenda and a fascinating story. You will have your hands full with options when it comes to spending a night out in Whitechapel. And, given that the prices here are still lower (though slightly) than in Central London, your wallet will be thanking you for the next morning.

To sum things up, Whitechapel is a cozy, centralized hub for people of all ages, genders, and cultures that are growing better by the minute and real estate prices that grow even faster. In simpler words, catch your chance today or you might not have it tomorrow.

The benefits of living in Whitechapel

As I have already said before, commuting is one of the greatest benefits of living in Whitechapel from both the geographical and the tactical points of view. Both are simple as pie: Whitechapel is located in a close proximity from the Financial District. The tube and the bus stations are all around and their routes will take to almost any point of London – that is the tactical benefit of living here.

That noted, commuting IS NOT Whitechapel’s greatest strength. If it were, what good of a place to live it would be when the only benefit is that you can get out of there with ease?

Whitechapel shines in a different aspect. You want to stay there. Not just because of the food and the fun, but because of what it is today as a whole.

Take the green spaces for an example – you have the Museum gardens, Victoria Park and the Haggerston Park just a few minutes away. If you really wanted a nice, quiet place away from the noise of the City, where else would you rather be?

Then there is the culture awaiting your move. The Whitechapel Gallery, the York Hall, The Bell Foundry, they are all welcoming you with arms wide open. Just pick a spot, visit it and walk out a better person than you were.

And lastly, there are, of course, stories about Jack the Ripper that you will love to tell everyone with the ears to listen over a pint. Where else in the world will you get that?


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