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Property Types in London

Your typical, run in the mill megalopolis is nothing fancy when it comes to property types. There are some fancy skyscrapers with luxurious penthouses downtown, a few apartment blocks scattered around here and there, and a handful of picturesque cottages in the family-friendly suburbs. We simply design modern cities in such a way for convenience. Contact us to learn more about rental agency near me

London’s design is not a carefully crafted pattern. It is rather the result of evolution as some of the stones you casually step on today were set there by none other than the ancient Romans. The capital of Great Britain is almost 2000 years old.

Architecture in the capital is a mishmash of eras, cultures, and craft that has every considerable property type and then some situated in the most unexpected of places.

On the one hand, we believe that the variety is a great plus as it has been helping us help our clients with relocation for 15 years now. Just tell us your wildest desires and the odds (or should we say a 100% success rate?) are we’ll find a great fit for you in less than a day.

On the other, more choice means more research. You do need to know what you are getting yourself and your close ones into, right?

Purpose-built structures

Purpose-built structures, aka apartment blocks, are generously sprinkled all over the city. Studio flats, duplexes, maisonettes – you name it, they’ll have it in every Zone of the capital.


  • Relatively less expensive than other options
  • Located in highly populated areas meaning that the infrastructure is developed
  • Tighter communities
  • More people living nearby fuel local businesses
  • Newly built
  • Fewer maintenance chores to take care of


  • Strict rules
  • Not pet-friendly
  • Lack of privacy
  • Highly populated

Renting tips:

  • Pay close attention to your tenancy agreement. Is it a shared tenancy or a separate one? Does the rent cover the bills? What are the ground rules (no smoking policy, pet policy, your responsibilities, and obligations, etc.)?
  • Make sure that your deposit is protected by either mydeposits, Deposit Protection Service, or the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
  • We can’t stress enough how important it is to learn everything you can about your soon-to-be neighbors before making any decisions.
  • Pay close attention to the inventory (furniture, appliances, carpets, cutlery, etc.) or better yet invest in insurance. Just in case, here are a few sample forms you can download for free.

Terraced houses

These houses that gained popularity in the 19th century among representatives of the working class are now a staple and the greeting card of the central areas in the city.


  • Amazing neighborhoods
  • Tight communities
  • Most terraced houses are located in the center
  • Classy
  • Much more spacious than other properties in the center
  • Great infrastructure
  • Mostly pet-friendly


  • Relatively expensive
  • In high demand meaning landing a deal is a bit more complicated
  • Might require maintenance

Renting tips:

  • Inspect the property carefully. Pay attention to plumbing, window seals, isolation, and electrical circuits.
  • Find out more about the Council Tax in the area
  • Make sure you’ll have a decent parking spot

Semi-detached houses

These properties combine some of the best qualities of terraced houses and flats and are a great choice for tenants who are looking for comfort for themselves and their families.


  • Lot’s of space for a family
  • Tight community
  • Thriving local businesses
  • Usually situated in areas with great schools


  • Located in distant areas and boroughs
  • Longer times to commute
  • Moderate infrastructure in the area
  • Might require maintenance

Renting tips:

  • Some of these houses may be rather old, so pay close attention to plumbing, window seals, isolation, and electrical circuits.
  • Semi-detached houses are considerably spacious, especially for a city. Getting one furnished in an expensive endeavor, so look for pre-furnished properties.
  • Invest in insurance of your inventory deposit.

Detached houses

Detached houses in London are closer to mansions than they are to homes. These properties come in one package with an age-old history, a spacious backyard, and probably a friendly ghost or two.


  • A lot of space for family and friends
  • minimal restrictions and limitations
  • Usually located in quiet, isolated areas
  • Lots of green spaces
  • Your own backyard
  • Superb schools


  • Detached houses are expensive
  • They are usually located far from the city center so commuting may take longer
  • These houses will require a lot of maintenance

Renting tips:

  • Same old: check every nook and cranny of the house. It’s better to get everything fixed before the deal is set to get a hefty discount from the landlord.
  • Learn more about the Council Tax. It’ll probably be higher than average in your area.
  • Pan your budget in a way that covers regular property maintenance or ensure that this responsibility lies on your landlord.

Looking to rent properties in London? Just give us a call and we’ll find the perfect home for you in less than a day!

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