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whats it like to live in the center of london really

It seems like everyone in London is racing to find a decent property as close to the city’s center as possible. People are attracted to Zone 1 as if there was a giant magnet installed in the middle. Contact us to learn more about rented apartment in london

This raises a question – maybe there is one? If so, how does it work? Why is it so attractive to millions of people? And, lastly, what’s it like to rent a flat in London, really?


From the alluring lights of pubs and nightclubs to major tourist attraction and non-stop business, the center of London is filled with lights, crowds, and traffic 24/7.

In simpler words, things here tend to get noisy. Nothing a good set of soundproof windows can’t fix, but still a vibrant, urban area like that is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we have decided to start our list with this warning: central areas of London are designed for those who are fascinated with the cosmopolitan nature of a megalopolis.

Those of you looking for a quieter place to live can check out our list of London’s more peaceful areas.


First thing’s first – we are talking about London’s most historic attractions. Some of the stones forming the center of the city have seen ancient Romans, Celtic tribes, the Industrial revolution, German bombs and much-much more.

Needless to say, the architecture here is simply out of this world, both in terms of exterior and interior. Sure, some may believe that the older buildings are simply not fit to handle our modern way of life, but with the millions of pounds invested into the renovation, repairs and infrastructure prove the claim as false.

There is also a wide selection of purpose-built buildings (apartment complexes) in Zone 1. They are much more recent and don’t have the ancient vibe, but the cost of living in one is moderately cheaper in comparison. If you feel like living in a modern studio apartment or a family-friendly two- to three-bedroom flat, they’ll be your go-to choice.


Spacious accommodation on the fifth floor.

Bedrooms: 1

Address: Archer Street,

Price: £525 pw | £2,275 pcm

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Unfurnished accommodation on the sixth floor.

Bedrooms: 1

Address: Great Marlborough Street

Price: £651 pw | £2,817 pcm

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Unfurnished accommodation on the sixth floor.

Bedrooms: 1

Address: Great Marlborough Street

Price: £850 pw | £3,683 pcm

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The situation with pets is a little bit bizarre in the center of London. On the one side, there are many parks and green spaces, and on the other, many landlords don’t allow tenants with pets in their buildings.

It’s not that it is impossible to find a pet-friendly place in Zone 1, but it is definitely a challenging task you’ll need professional help with.


Commuting is the bane of everyone living in London. It takes some people a couple of hours just to get to work and as much time is needed to get back home in the evening. This is where a flat in the center shines brightest because everything you may possibly need is an arm’s reach away from you.


The center of London is a shopper’s paradise with entire streets dedicated to boutiques, vintage stores, food stalls, and massive malls.


You’d be surprised, but Londoners in general, and those of us who are lucky enough to live near the centering particular see celebrities all the time. So much so, that reacting to seeing a face you’ve just watched on BBC during your morning routine with the TV on is considered as something much weirder than actually being in the same store with “the guy from the telly”.

This is happening because the more celebs you see minding their own business without the flair, the makeup, and the costume, the more you realize that they are as “normal” as the next guy.

Pros and cons

As a conclusion, we would like to sum up the pros and cons of living in the very heart of London.


–          Vibrant, diverse locations

–          Amazing education

–          Plentiful opportunities

–          Availability of literally everything

–          Cultural significance


–          High cost of living

–          A lot of tourists

–          Noisy




PS: If you feel like moving here is your cup of tea, we would be more than happy to assist you with finding a perfect home in less than a day. Feel free to give us a call!

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