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what you need to know before moving to london

What You Need To Know Before

Moving To London

London was originally called Londinium it was a Roman settlement in about 43 AD. Now the original London was where the City of London is now so whatever you come to London and you see the Gherkin tower 42 all that the business district that is where the original London was formed. Contact us to learn more about rent a flat in london

London is a football city we love the sport and that’s probably why there are six London teams in the Premier League you got Tottenham Arsenal West Ham Chelsea London and Crystal Palace there are also 11 London teams in England’s top four professional divisions

I’m walking over London Bridge and this isn’t the original London Bridge there have been several versions of London Bridge but one of them that was built in the 1830s was dismantled in 1967 and shipped to America that’s right in a place called Lake Havasu City in Arizona there is London Bridge the London Bridge it was bought by a man called Robert P McCullough and shipped over to America in the late 60s the idea was that he wanted to attract tourists and residents to his new city in Arizona so he decided to buy London Bridge now there are some rumors that he thought he was buying Tower Bridge which is over there he denies this he said that he always wanted to buy London it was shipped over to the States then he was taken on a train across the country to Arizona where they constructed it in 1971 and it’s been there ever since

London: you realize just how multicultural city is in the 2011 census 36.7 percent of people in London were born abroad that’s huge and in 2015 they figured out that 69 percent of kids in London had a parent that was from abroad just shows you how multicultural city is I’ve heard there are about 300 languages spoken in the city. I read that London is the second-largest immigrant city in the world behind New York

Soho is famous because in there this is where Karl Marx drafted with the Communist Manifesto history was made in that room.

What You Need To Know About Renting In London

1.      For all tenants, it’s important that you understand your lease and the notices that come with it. So make sure you give yourself time to read over so that you understand it well. Of course, London Relocation will help you with that.

2.      It is important that you are comfortable that you can fully afford the property.

3.      Rule of thumb: Spend a fixed percentage of your income on housing. The general recommendation is to spend about 30% of your gross monthly income (before taxes) on rent. This is called the 30% rule.

4.      Make sure that when you go into the property that you check the inventory on the way in. The inventory is the document that tells you how the property was when you took it on. So you have to make sure that is absolutely spot on, and there is no deviation from when you have gone into the property.

5.      Going on to your utility meters, it’s really important that you make sure you are only paying for the utilities you are taking on. We always do this with the tenant at the point of entry, but it’s worth checking yourself as well. Insurance in your property is very important. The Landlord will insure the building and his or her contents, but your own insurance is very important to, for your own personal effects, ensuring they are covered.

6.      It’s just always good to be neighborly with the people in your building or your neighbors next to where you live. It just helps you settle into the area; get to know the people there, and generally ensures ongoing happiness to your experience of living in London.

7.      And finally, as much as it’s important to check the Inventory on the way in, you’ve really got to check it on the way out. It’s a good idea for tenants to check it two weeks before the end of the Tenancy, making sure they bring it back up to the standard they were given it in. It just makes sure things are nice and tidy. That’s our top ten.

The Cost of Living in London

For anyone thinking of moving to London, figuring out the cost of living here is a smart thing to do. While costs vary significantly depending on a bunch of different factors, I’m going to walk you through some of the numbers to get you started and also give you some tools to help you figure out what’s the cost that you’re going to have for your current situation.

According to homelet.co.uk the average rent for new tenancies in London in 2018, was £1532 per month. That, of course, is a very general number but it kind of gives you an idea of just how expensive the rent is here in London. In fact London is one of the most expensive cities to rent or to buy a place in the world. Now generally speaking the closer that you live into central London the more expensive that your rent is going to be. The Mayor of London website has a London rents map and as you can see the center of London, where you can see the red, that is where the most expensive rent is and then as you get further outside of the center is when the lighter colors come in because the rent is lower.

This is a good tool to get an idea of what the median rent price is for the type of apartment that you’re looking for and also the areas that you’re thinking of renting in. Another good way to get a sense of rental prices is to speak with London Relocation and find out what are the types of places that you could realistically afford depending on your budget.

Essentially if you’re on a strict budget then you’re not going to be able to live in more central London and you’ll want to start looking on the more of the outskirts of the city, if you do have more money to spend that is great and it gives you more options, however you’re going to want to think about, what your trade-off is in terms of living more centrally located but having a lesser quality and smaller space or having a bigger apartment and probably a much nicer one if you are willing to sacrifice and live a bit more outside of central London.

There are some amazing communities that are in zone 3 and further outside on the outskirts, definitely don’t discount them, they have a really nice balance of city life and suburb life and they’re also especially good for families. The apartment that someone I know lives in right now, they pay £1750 a month and they live on the outer edge of zone two. They live in a modern new building that has a lot of amenities. You can live on the outer outskirts of zone 3, almost zone 4 and pay £1,500  a month for a two-bedroom flat on the ground floor and that doesn’t have any extra amenities that come with it.

Flat Expenses And Council Tax

Now when you rent a place in London, for the most part, you’re always going to have to pay on top of the rental fee, the bills to cover the electricity, water and the gas. It’s hard to give you a number of how much that’s going to cost because it obviously depends on how big the flat is that you’re renting, how many people live in it, how energy-efficient is. It’s just hard to say. I’d say if you’re looking at pretty small places then maybe budget in around £60 a month at least, it’s just as a starting point and don’t forget that you’re probably, going to want tv and internet in your flat and that costs extra too. Costs for that start around maybe £29/month depending on what package you get, which provider you end up going with if you even choose to have cable and also if you’re really good at negotiating with them on the phone to get a lower price.

You can use websites like moneysupermarket.com to compare packages and prices for a flat that you’re going to be living in personally you can probably pay £29/month, and that’s just for internet. Finally, you’ll need to account for council tax which is paid by the renter’s, not the landlord. This varies significantly depending on how many bedrooms there are in your flat, which council/borough that you’re in because the rates will vary depending on where you are and a few other factors. You can do some research ahead of time to see what the council tax rates are in the area that you’re looking in and if there’s a specific flat that you want to look at, you can ask the renting agent or the landlord how much that the council tax will be per month and you only pay ten months out of the year. The other two months are free.

Cell Phones

If you already have a cell phone that you can switch the sim cards out of, then you’re kind of set, you can get fairly affordable cell phone plans in London if you want to lock yourself into a contract. Or you can just get pay-as-you-go, and it’s pretty affordable as well. If you want a cheap option and you want the sim card to be able to get sent to you before you actually arrive in London then I’ll usually recommend checking out giffgaff, you can get a free sim card sent at this time almost anywhere in the world. My friend currently pays twenty pounds per month for cell phone service and that includes 3g of data per month and a large amount of text and minutes that never ends up being used.

Public transportation

Unless you’re rich, you are probably going to be using public transportation a lot when living in London, especially if you aren’t able to walk to work, which is a rare opportunity in London. You’ll probably be using public transportation at least a few times a day. The cost again varies significantly generally speaking, but the further that you travel on the tube or on the train across more zones, then the more that you’re going to.

Something to think about is that the further out of London that you decide to live the higher that your transportation costs probably going to be, so for example, if you are going to be living in zone 5 and working in zone 1, your transportation costs every day are going to be much higher than if you are working in zone 1 and also living in zone 1. Usually, the difference in transportation costs isn’t going to make it worth just living in zone 1 and paying the really high rent prices that exist there.

Groceries are generally fairly affordable in London. If you have a farmer’s market anywhere near you live I always recommend going there because you’re going to get not only affordable fruits, vegetables, and produce, but they’re also going to be really fresh and in season. If you want a more budget-friendly grocery shop you can find an Aldi or a Lidl, those are usually the cheapest although they’re usually only on the outskirts of the city. The next higher up in supermarkets in terms of costs are places like Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. They are pretty standard across the board and you can usually find one of one or a few of them in every area of London. The more high-end places are Waitrose, and then we do have a couple of WholeFoods stores here.

I also recommend checking out free things to do here. It is fun to go and explore the free museums. I like to check out new parks, sometimes I’ll just walk around a new area and take photos and see what’s going on so I don’t spend very much!

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