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What You Need To Know Before Moving To London


The number one thing you need to figure out is which visa is right for you. If you go to the UK home office immigration website, there is a very nifty little calculator that will ask you if you questions about yourself, your passport, your work history and it will tell you if you need a visa.  It will also help explain which visa you need to look into and apply for. Contact us to learn more about rent a flat in london

When considering which visa you want to apply for, make sure to take a few things into consideration. Will I be able to work on this visa? This is a huge huge question because there are some visas that don’t allow you to work with them. Another factor

If you do have the funds, hiring an immigration lawyer to help you manage the visa application is a good idea.

Make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to apply for the visa as well as allowing for processing time. Processing time can vary so it may be wise not to book flights until you have your visa in hand.

Public Transport

The transit system in London is reliable, efficient and easy to navigate. Transport for London (TFL) covers all London Buses, Tube network, DLR, the Overground network, Elizabeth Line, London Trams and much more!

The cost will depend on what zones you are travelling from and to. Prices seem to be climbing steadily year on year, however TFL do offer various discounts which are worth exploring. Additionally if are in the office every day it may make more sense for you to look at monthly or yearly travel fares.

You can pay with an Oyster card, your contactless debit card or even Apple pay!

Bank Accounts

Getting a bank account in the UK can be quite difficult. You will be asked to provide ‘proof of address’ (rental contract, a utility bill or a council tax bill). It’s good to get bills generated ASAP to be able to get a bank account as quickly as possible. If you need a UK bank account before you are able to provide proof of address the Online Banks (Wise, Monzo, Revolut) may be good solutions.

Mobile Phone

Getting a UK phone number will be important for when you arrive. With almost all mobile phone contracts you will need to a credit history in order to be approved. Most people get a SIM only plan for the first few months until they have built up a credit history here.


Moving To London?


At London relocation, our team of has over 40 years of combined experience to enable us to find the perfect flat house or apartment for you. Saving you time, hassle and money. Our record speaks for itself, we place one hundred percent of our clients ninety-eight percent in just a single day. We make the very most of the time we have with you by showing 15 to 20 properties in the single day all of which are known to accommodate pets.

We have developed a network of trusted agencies across London, but we work solely for you to protect your interest and ensure you are shown the very best option. We are in fact the only real Multiple Listing system in London and therefore the only way to truly exhaust the market. Our service is all-inclusive so that means we handle the contract negotiations and signings for you to allowing you to concentrate on your other priority. We know how to manage your expectations. Just check out our client testimonial and our service is guaranteed, so speak to one of our team and see what we can do for you and your furry friends. London relocation the property search company

Call London Relocation now to get started at 1-800-903-1658 from the United States or from the UK +44 20 7993 0422.

Our service is 100% guaranteed to find -your ideal flat in one day!

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