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What Students Need To Know When Moving To London

The first tip that I have for you is to try not to over-stress about getting your suit visa once you are accepted into a program or school you won’t just be left out on your own to figure it out my University provided a lot of help in giving details on who to contact and kind of just to run down how to actually get visa tip number two is that if

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You are going to be needing some extra money while you’re in London then most student visas will actually allow you to work up to 20 hours a week now my school actually had a sick cage that listed jobs in the area for students and I know a lot of people that manage to get jobs at local restaurants and cafes and shops and one of my roommates actually ministry at several babysitting jobs through CARICOM otherwise it just be a matter of going into shops and asking around and even keeping an eye out for help on designs

The third tip is to take advantage of your student Easter card discount that you can get through the TfL website for a small fee which I think it cost me like 10 pounds and if you get a monthly pass you will only have to pay a hundred pounds for the whole month if you are going to be using the public transportation a lot just using the pay-as-you-go methods can really add up after a while

Students moving to london

The fourth tip that you should know is that the grading system in the UK is slightly different at least when you compare it to the American grading system so basically don’t freak out too much if you’re graded like a 60% on a certain assignment because that is basically Z percentage equivalent of like a B or maybe like a C+

Tip number five is that if you are going to be studying in London from a longer-term maybe like a year or more and make sure you find a bank that won’t charge you a monthly fee I ended up going with Santander bank it opened one of their student accounts and I was actually being charged a fee of like five pounds a month which I really didn’t think twice about because I thought that all banks charge to monthly fee but apparently that’s not the case just make sure you do your research beforehand

Tip number six is that there are tons and tons of student discounts to take advantage of you basically just have to use your student ID card that you’re given and then you register with a site called uni days you can download their app and you’ll be able to see just how many student discounts there are I can use it on stores like H&M Topshop Urban Outfitters even certain restaurants you can use it in

Tip number seven is specifically for Americans so you know that you’re going to be traveling around a lot then you may want to actually consider getting a contract with t-mobile we have an option that allows you to get unlimited text and data internationally so like literally not even just in the UK if you are traveling around Europe you’ll be able to access the internet and make texts without being charged a fee there is a small fee for making phone calls so you’ll just want to make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi for that I family has been on this plan for years and then seriously been such a lifesaver

Tip number eight is to try not to blow all your money on alcohol now as you might know the drinking age in London is 18 so if you are going for the first time then you may be tempted to go completely overboard go to the pubs and the clubs every night and I don’t mean to sound like your mother when I say this but London is expensive as it is and having drink after drink can really add up after a while so if you really want to make the most out of your experience then just make sure that you’re saving up money to go traveling and to experience all that London has to offer outside of the pubs

Tip number nine is to try not to stress too much about packing I’ve seen a lot of people that take up like half the room in their suitcases with food that they bring from home or just tons and tons of clothes I’ve learned over time that it’s really not necessary because a since London is such a diverse and big city you’re sure to find any food that you’re missing from home at any local shop or a grocery store and B if you end up forgetting something and need extra clothes or toiletries Primark is sure to have your back it’s basically a really popular clothing store chain within the UK but they basically sell really affordable and trendy clothes but you’ll probably do shopping anyway so just keep that in mind

And the final tip is probably going to sound a little bit cliche but whether you are studying in London for a semester or for four years just make sure you really enjoy your time there because it will seriously fly by and I also think it’s very important to make sure you’re balancing your schoolwork with actually getting out and having fun and traveling to be completely honest I don’t feel as though I took as much away from the classes that I was taking so much as I did from the experience of just living in a new city figuring out public transportation systems by myself meeting new people and overall just learning how to be more independent

What Legal Documents Are Required To Rent An Apartment in London?

It’s a good question. It is going to make life a little bit more difficult for you I’m afraid if you haven’t got a credit history here. I would think and you have got things like an employment contract or previous landlords that you can be coaching for reference. What you’ll need to do is think about if there someone in the UK here who would act as guarantor for you. If not, do you have a big pot of money somewhere that you could put perhaps pay the whole six months or years rent immediately? That would be of real comfort to a landlord. Then they are going to look more favorably on the lack of references for you. Of course, we all really need a passport to prove you are who you say you are. The other option is if you’re coming over here for employment in London then a job offer letter and a reference from your future employer should hopefully as well. However, every agent is different so you’ve really just got to start the process and negotiate for the best result you can get.

The steps that you need to get out of the way before you’re in London. The first thing, of course, you will need a place to live in London and in order to do so, I would recommend that you wait until you are in London because London is a place where everything moves fast. You will need to be on-site and be efficient. One thing I knew about London before I moved here is that the rent is very very high.

One of the pros of using Gumtree is that you have a lot of private landlords on there posting their ads. The process tends to be less formal than when you are going through an estate agent. Private landlords also usually don’t take the same level of deposits, they generally ask for a smaller amount of deposit, which is good for us tenants.

On the cons side, there is some level of scams on there as well. So whenever you reply to on gumtree just be careful don’t give away important information about your bank account details or anything like this, obviously. It’s just common sense.

If you are renting with an agency, and say you’re on the website and you find the perfect property that you want to rent. The next step would be to contact the agency (London Relocation is the top agency to use). Send them an email or give them a call and let them know that you are interested then they will reply back. They will set up to book a viewing for you on the same day or the day after. Remember that London is a place where everything goes very fast so it’s not uncommon to see an ad on one day and the next day it will be gone. So don’t wait, get the viewing booked. When you’re with the agent in the property, make sure that all the conditions and amenities that you’re looking for in the property are met. Feel free to ask the London Relocation agent your questions about the property. The most important questions are how much is the deposit. It is common for the deposit to be six weeks rent, so ask them if the deposit will be protected because, in the UK, they have to protect the deposit in an account which will prevent anyone from taking that money out. This pertains to either the landlord, or agency, or yourself until you leave the property and the landlord has decided that you have caused no substantial damage to the property. In that case, they can give it all back to you.

Now, if you’re happy with the property you just viewed and you’re satisfied with the answers that the agent has provided, the next step usually the agent will ask you for a certain amount of money upfront to take the property off the market. So that it won’t be visible on the internet anymore. In the meantime, they will do a reference check.

The exact amount of money required you should ask them, but usually it is two weeks rent. This ultimately becomes part of the deposit and will be deducted from the actual six weeks rent deposit that you will make before taking over the property.

They will generally give you their bank account details so that you can transfer that money to their bank account and they will take the property off the market. Just make sure that you don’t do any transactions by cash because it is not traceable and if in case you have any problems with the agent or the landlord it is very hard to prove anything afterward.

So that being said you give them that two weeks rent that was it they take the property off the market but they do the reference check. For the reference check, the agent will ask you for some details to make sure that you will be able to pay the rent. Generally, first, they will ask you for your current employer’s details, because they will contact them to make sure that you are actually working for them at the moment, how much you earn every month and basically if you will be able to pay the rent every month. Secondly, they will ask you to provide them with the name of your bank because they will want to run a check to see if you have a good reputation with a bank or with other creditors. This means that if you have a lot of debts it’s not good for your case, and it is likely that they won’t want you as a tenant. Finally, they will ask you for the contact details of your current or previous landlord. They want to see if you’re a good tenant. So they will contact the landlord and ask them if you have fallen behind your payments, if you are always on time if you’re damaging his property, and things like this. They will also ask you for a guarantor and then they will ask you to provide them with those details.

If everything is okay, you like the property, and you’ve passed the reference check the next step is to book an appointment with the agent so that you can sign the tenancy agreement. You will want to make sure you have a good read through the tenancy agreement. It is a good idea to look for clues to this being a fair agreement. Usually, it is best to get help looking over the agreement from a professional like the agents at London Relocation. That way you know that your interests are protected.

London Relocation Can Help Make Your Move To London Fast and Easy

Welcome to London relocation where people find their home guaranteed.

We’re an all-inclusive service that’s helped 100% of our clients find their perfect property sign a lease and move in within their desired timeframe.
You might be wondering what’s so difficult about the London property market that you can just do this on your own.
Well, agents in London only hold private stock in their area they don’t share with other agencies through a multiple listing system. This means you can’t just go to one agency and see all the available options. That’s why you need London relocation. We will be your Multiple Listing system and exhaust the market. We guarantee you will find your flat through us.

We start by conducting a needs assessment so that we know what type of property you’re looking for when you’re looking to move into it and what area will best suit your lifestyle and your community. Our team will handhold you through this process to offer you personalized attention and to educate you on the local market so that there are no surprises.

Come viewing day on that viewing day your personal agent will show you 18 to 25 properties. When a certain property has captured your hearts we will help you negotiate the rent and lease terms on your behalf. Customer service is our top priority.

So remember we work with the Leddy’s agents and landlords but we work exclusively for you. Our team of London expats has been there, we understand the unknowns you’re facing and we can translate the difference. We want you to settle into your new life fast and seamlessly.
So just kick back let us do the work for you. You can take my word for it or have a look at our client testimonials I think you’ll like what you hear so give us a call or fill out a web form and start your move today

Call London Relocation now to get started at 800-903-1658 from the United States or from the UK +44 20 7993 0422. Our service is 100% guaranteed to find your ideal flat in one day!

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