Top London Locations To Be The Gem Of Any Instagram Feed!

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top 7 london locations to be the gem of any instagram feed

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If only people knew the trouble we, #InstagramPeople go through to get that perfect camera angle on an impressive photo that no one else has just to be brutally pounded by the reality of everyone having it. Yes, dear friends, even creativity has its limits.

Why reinvent the bicycle then? Especially when you are lucky enough to live in the Big Smoke or, as I like to call it, the worldwide capital of selfies.

We have so many great spots for a photo session scattered all over the city that you will literally run out of time before reaching the limits of your inspiration.

But what are these magnificent places that seem to be particularly designed by the architects of the old with the purpose of attracting likes in 2018?

Leadenhall Market

This fascinating cocktail of busy streets, cafés, office spaces and stores known as the Lendhall Market is an incredible spot for an amazing photo. The area is riddled with peculiar architectural marvels, amusing signs and colorful decoration, but it is the center of it that really makes the home run.

That being said, there are two ways to take a great picture here. Each depends on a background you desire. Pay a visit here during the busy hours of the business week to focus on the urban aspects of a city filled to the brim with all kinds of people and come here during the weekends for the architecture without any distractions.

The Shard


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Did you know that the Shard near the London Bridge was once the tallest building in Europe and while it lost this title recently it is still the giant of London? If the answer is yes, why aren’t you here yet? The panoramic view from the Shard puts the entirety of the Smoke on display.

Climb up here on a sunny day or even on a cloudy afternoon just before the sunset, slap on a few filters and shoot, shoot, shoot!

Peggy Porschen

This café that serves godlike cupcakes is a relatively recent addition to the spots worth a decent camera in London, and yet it is the Instagram that has made this place into a hot spot for bloggers as well as foodies of all shapes and sizes.


Sadly, not because of their desserts. Don’t get this wrong, the cupcakes here are delicious. It’s just that the interior and the exterior outshine any imaginable culinary masterpiece. The soft, pastel colors that blend well with purple and pink, the floral decorations and the overall chick of the establishment are any bloggers dream come true that has the “like me” message written all over the place. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Hillgate Place


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Peggy Porschen not pretty enough for you? Or, perhaps, you have, as they say in the United States, “been there, done that”? How about a quick stroll from Ladbroke Square? It will only take you five minutes or so to find the Hillgate Place, one of the plushiest streets in all of London.

The houses here are as colorful as they are eye candy-ish. The geometrically perfect narrow street of fabulous rectangles that go from soft blue to cuddly pink is a sight to be seen… and photographed.

The British Museum

The British Museum is an architectural marvel. The photos of its interior and exterior are worth more than gold in Instagram currency and will make for a fine addition to your delightful feed on their own.

That being said, it’s not the walls – regardless of how pretty they are – that serve as a reason to visit one of the best museums in the world but the collections on display!

So, if the weather is not to your liking and the greys of boring old rain don’t make the cut as your desired background – feel free to enjoy the wonders of the British Museum. The entrance is free, the exhibits are fun and you are likely to learn many new things as a side bonus to immediate Instagram fame.

Sky Garden

Oh, the good old Walkie Talkie – such a bizarre yet magnificent structure. Feel free to take a few photos of it, because it surely is a sight to be seen but brace yourself as the real marvel – the Sky Garden – awaits you at the top.

Good news  -getting up here is free. The bad news – you’ll need to book a convenient time slot in advance. Especially if you are looking for a special time of the day such as the sunset. Luckily, the garden is totally worth the wait. Where else will you see amazing greens surrounded by the clouds that seem to be flying above the roofs of one of the world’s biggest cities?

Any pub ever

London wouldn’t be London without a decent lineup of pubs accompanying its citizens throughout history. They are where the adventures begin and they are where they end. Both with a satisfying pint or two.

Some of the local establishments have been open for hundreds of years and though that time they have sucked in the very essence of the smoke like a nice little sponge. The lighting, the wood, the atmosphere are all priceless in practically every pub that catches your eye. Give a photo session here a shot and, if nothing else, you’ll at least enjoy a decent beer. What have you got to lose?

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