Top Lists About London You’d Be Crazy To Miss!

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top 10 top 10 lists about london youd be crazy to miss

Ah, the good old Top 10 lists popularized in blogs and jump-jetted to fame by YouTube behemoths like WatchMojo. It almost feels like the lists are the quintessence of engaging storytelling as you can fit so much content into a tender form without overburdening it with any irrelevant information. Contact us to learn more about relocation services london

I guess that’s why people love top 10 posts. And, I guess that’s why people hate them as much. Feel free to share your side in the comments below, but as for now, we are going to share the ultimate list of lists I’m sure that people from both sides of the barricades will find something interested in.

Please, welcome the top 10 list of top 10 lists about London!

1 – The top 10 British foods

They say that London is famous for its architecture, museums, galleries and high prices but, in reality, it is the home to the world’s most sophisticated food culture. We have all sorts of foods and kitchens presented in the Big Smoke.

And, although we do love our carry, we still have a lot to be pruod with ourselves. Don’t believe me? Check out this top 10 list of amazing London foods that includes fish and chips, pie and mash, cockles and the world-famous English breakfast.


2 – Wine to all!

Now that we’ve had our hunger dealt with, what about the thirst? Let us quench it with wine!

Our next top 10 list has done the research to determine the best restaurants n in London that serve the best wines with a smile. The size of the wine map, service, value propositions, originality and range where all included as vital factors that have formed the 200-page wine guide through London, 2018.

3 – What, oh what shall I do next?

Ok, we’ve had our meal and a glass or two. The energy is now overflowing within us. What’s next?

Why sightseeing, of course. It matters little if you are new to London or if you have lived here your whole life – there are still things to do and places to be. The city’s age-old history leaves no room for “I’ve seen it all” people.

The next list is dedicated to the things you should see in London. It is based on a poll, meaning you are not going blank, but rather you have people’s recommendations to follow.

But what if you don’t follow the footsteps of others, you ask? We have a list for that as well.

4 – Unleash your quirk

What tickles your pickle? What has your name written on it other than the lunchbox in the fridge at work some bastard constantly eats from? I know it is you, Jerry. Just stop it!

Ok, grudges aside, here is an awesome list of fun, quirky things to do in London that includes such awesome mentions as the Flower Power festival, the city Z house party and the Puttshack. What’s a Putthshack, you may ask?.. Well, there is a whole top 10 list for you to find out!

5 – Commuting

In London the chances are that you’ll stay right where you were with the wine and the drinks unless you know your commuting routes.

With a subway system that is a network of tunnels that’s 249 miles long with trains flying at the speed of 60 miles per hour, you should really know your Tube facts.

London Relocation can help you with that in a list of 10 awesome things about the Tube you’d wish you knew earlier.

6 – Become a Londoner!

Now that the Rubicon is behind us it is time for you act, talk and think like a Londoner. The time has come for you to become one, so prepare your puns, grab your umbrella, get ready for a cuppa, and enjoy the show.

What better way there to do so if not to get inside a true Londoner’s head. This is where the list of top 10 things that live inside every Londoner’s head should help.

7 – Shopping

Ok, you live, drink, eat and breathe London now. You are a commuting expert and you are aware of the local mentality. What is there left for you to do?

You still need to shop. Even in a city as overfilled with parks as London is, food, clothes, homewares and other things don’t grow on trees you know. But they happen to be sold in the stores from this top 10 list of London’s department stores.

8 – Know your city

Did you know that the Big Ben isn’t the clock tower, but the bell? Did you know that the Waterloo Bridge was made by women during WWII? How about the fact that the Beatles have played their last gig in the Big Smoke?

If you knew all of these facts, then you are amazing and I adore you. If you didn’t however – worry not. There is a place for people like us called the top 10 loveable London facts.

9 – How about some tunes?

You will never truly understand the soul of a city unless you know it’s music and the music of London are street artists and musicals.

Sadly, the first group doesn’t have a top 10 list because they lack a coherent schedule, but the latter one has more than one. You can check out the top 10 musicals in London that are live now right here.

10 – The language

Lastly, there is the language that Londoners speak. It is a unique blend of words impacted by countless cultures living in the megalopolis and it is beautiful.

Words and phrases like “dosh and skint”, “rashers”, “plonk” and “throw a wobbly” add the spirit to the people speaking them. You, our dear friends, can learn them here.

Your turn, guys. Do you know any other top 10 lists about London that you’d like to share in the community? Mention them in the comment section below!





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