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by | Aug 15, 2019 | London Tips & Culture, Moving Within London

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Free reading material

Professionals Tips: One of the first things I learned was to always take the free magazines! Normally when someone tries to hand me something my first instinct would be to decline it. But with these magazines, you really do actually want to take them.

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On Tuesday is this Time Out magazine which is full of stuff about the London. New restaurant reviews, new theatre productions and there’s always like a list of places to check out that month. It really helps you get motivated to explore London.

On Wednesdays it’s Stylist which is a beauty, fashion, woman’s interest, magazine. It’s full of interesting articles that make the commute far more bearable.

Sending money internationally


I recommend looking into an account with Wise (formally Transferwise) if you need to send money back home. They’ve got a mobile app which is super easy to use. Or if you prefer you can go onto the website. You can also request a GBP account and even a debit card! Their international transfer fees are low and the exchange rates are better than what my standard bank normally offers.

Most banks will charge you a fee for sending money overseas and then the overseas bank will charge you a fee for receiving it. I love that with Wise it was just one fee, and you know the amount ahead of time. They say it can be up to like 10 times cheaper depending on your circumstances.

Getting around (with some help)

London is a big place and to get around in it you’re going to want to download City Mapper. You could use Google Maps of course, but I find that city mapper just gives you slightly better combinations of transport. You should also download tube map which you can use offline if needed.

Here’s a bit of Tube-etiquette advice: try not to be the person that gets off the escalator and then stands there trying to work where they need to go. You’ll stop the flow of foot traffic and people in London get annoyed. Just quickly pop to one side and avoid the angry glances.

Don’t worry though, you’ll quickly get to know exactly where to stand on the platform so that when you get off you’ll be right by the exit! It’s things like that that will make you feel a like a real Londoner.

Coffee (yes please)

London’s Best Coffee app is must have in my opinion for professionals.  It lists the city’s best independent cafes and coffee houses. The app even details the machines they use, rates the place on a  scale of 1 to five and gives up-to-date information on tastings and special offers. If you’re not looking for such detailed info good app is Costa Coffee Club, it is free to join and a great way to collect Coffee Club points that give you savings on future purchases.


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