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Tips For Planning Your Move To London

I first got here one of the first things I learned was to always take the free magazines that they try and give you at the tube stations now normally and I don’t know maybe it’s just me but when someone tries to hand me something I would just first instinct would be to decline it but with these magazines, you really do actually want to take them. Contact us to learn more about rentals agency near me

On Tuesday is this time out magazine which is full of stuff about the city’s restaurant reviews and articles and there’s always like a list of places to go and things to do so it really doesn’t help to make me feel more at home and get to know the city better. My other favorite one is stylist which comes out on Wednesdays and that’s like a beauty fashion woman’s interest magazine and there is a really good quality magazine full of lots of interesting stuff to read so I always take that one as well

Move To London

Something else as I recommend is an app called transferwise to send money back home. They’ve got a mobile app where you can do it through the website but I used the app on my phone. It was super easy to use much easier than trying to do it through my bank website. I really liked that it showed me upfront exactly how much money was going to end up in my account after the transfer.

Most banks will charge you a fee for sending money overseas and then the overseas bank will charge you a fee for receiving that money. I love that with transferwise it was just one fee that you know up front and I didn’t have to go searching through the fine print on my bank’s websites to find that important detail. It also ended up being a lot cheaper than going through the bank. They say it can be up to like 10 times cheaper depending on your circumstances.

Bunton is a big place and to get around in it you’re probably gonna need to download city mapper you could use google map to plan your route around public transport but I find that city mapper just gives you smarter combinations that Google often doesn’t. You should also download tube map which you can use offline to plan your route between two different stations which is handy if you forget to work out where you’re going before you go underground.

I think you’re planning your route a little bit of tube etiquette advice try not to be the person that gets off the escalator and then stands there trying to work out if they need to go east or west or north or south because you’ll stop the flow of foot traffic and people get annoyed.

Eventually on routes that you do often you’ll get to know how far down the platform you should get on the tube so that when you get off you’ll be right by the exit and it’s things like that that I think, start to make you feel a bit more like a Londoner

A couple more apps you should get our coffee in touch if you care about coffee because it’ll tell you we’re good cafes are. One such app is London’s Best Coffee which has been listing the city’s best independent cafes and coffee houses. The app even details the machines used in each establishment, rates place on a  scale of 1 to five and gives up-to-date information on tastings and special offers. Another good app is Costa Coffee Club, it is free to join and a great way to collect Coffee Club points that give you savings on future purchases

There’s also an app called Songkick which has become one of my favorites since moving here. The app allows you to organize and track your favorite bands, track concerts near you, get concert alerts, and buy tickets. And you can easily import your favorite artists from Spotify, Facebook and more.

Moving To London? How London Relocation Can Help

Move to London

Welcome to London relocation where people find their home guaranteed.

We’re an all-inclusive service that’s helped 100% of our clients find their perfect property, sign a lease, and move in within their desired timeframe.

You might be wondering what’s so difficult about the London property market that you can just do this on your own.

Well, agents in London only hold private stock in their area they don’t share with other agencies through a multiple listing system. This means you can’t just go to one agency and see all the available options. That’s why you need a London relocation. We will be your Multiple Listing system and exhaust the market. We guarantee you will find your flat through us.

We start by conducting a needs assessment so that we know what type of property you’re looking for when you’re looking to move into it and what area will best suit your lifestyle and your community. Our team will handhold you through this process to offer you personalized attention and to educate you on the local market so that there are no surprises.

Come viewing day, your personal agent will show you 18 to 25 properties. When a certain property has captured your heart, we will help you negotiate the rent and lease terms on your behalf. Customer service is our top priority.

So remember, we work with Leddy’s agents and landlords, but we work exclusively for you. Our team of London expats has been there, we understand the unknowns you’re facing and we can translate the difference. We want you to settle into your new life fast and seamlessly.

So just kick back and let us do the work for you. You can take my word for it or have a look at our client testimonials. I think you’ll like what you hear

Call London Relocation now to get started at 800-903-1658 from the United States or from the UK at +44 20 7993 0422. Our service is 100% guaranteed to find your ideal flat in one day!

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