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Fishmonger in London

For many people in London, buying fish is usually a daunting process – especially if it’s your first time or you’ve never stopped at a fishmonger. With all the different fishmongers in the City, it is essential to find a professional. The last thing you want is to buy fish and seafood only to get home and find they are stale. Luckily, London is home to some of the finest fishmongers in the United Kingdom, meaning you are never far from a good deal. Before visiting a local fishmonger, here are helpful tips for finding a good fish and seafood seller. Contact us to learn more about rented flat in london


The Smell of Fish Shouldn’t Be Overpowering

Many people assume that all fish should have an overpowering smell. Contrary to the belief, fresh fish doesn’t have a strong “fishy” smell, so the shop should not either. A professional fishmonger ensures the fresh fish is properly iced to reduce the smell. If you enter a shop with a more intense smell, consider visiting another fishmonger. As mentioned, London has many fish and seafood sellers. A clean shop also reduces the smell, and a “fishy” odor is a sign the environment is not clean.


Take a Good Look at the Fish

This may seem obvious, but buyers rarely look up to the fish. Assessing the fish properly gives you a sense of freshness and guarantees a good deal. Ensure the store doesn’t have an overpowering foul smell, which may indicate low hygiene standards. Fresh fish usually has clear, bright, and shiny eyes. Don’t buy the fish if the eyes and gills are dull and change color! Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you bought a dried-out fish that has lost its freshness.


Understand Seasonality

A good fishmonger is passionate about sourcing and providing the best fish. With that in mind, understanding seasonality goes a long way when buying fish. Like most seasonal products, there are times fish and seafood are at their best. Although fresh fish is available in London throughout the years, rare fish pop up at certain times of the year. This knowledge helps you source and access the best option for you. If you are planning a fish dinner in winter, don’t! This is usually a tough season for fishmongers.

Ask the Fishmonger for Advice

Once you find a professional fishmonger in the City, the team behind the counter will happily answer your questions and offer advice. You can ask about anything from what is in the season to what they have in stock and how to cook it. An experienced fishmonger gives you peace of mind following a purchase, guaranteeing your money’s worth after the experience.

These helpful tips can help you maneuver London’s fish scene and get an amazing deal on fresh fish and seafood. Now that you know what to look for in a fishmonger, here are some of the most renowned establishments in the City.


The Fishmongers Kitchen

The Fishmongers Kitchen was established in 2010, and since then it has built a reputation for providing quality products and services in West London. Besides exemplifying quality, they offer various seasonal and sustainable fresh fish. Most fish and seafood are acquired from West-Country day boats and transported directly to this fine establishment which guarantees maximum freshness. The team at The Fishmongers Kitchen is knowledgeable and friendly and provides exceptional customer service. When you need advice on selecting, preparing, or cooking your fish, they are ready to help so you can leave happy.



Moxon’s is one of the leading fishmongers in London, with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. In addition, the brand is spread across the City, offering several locations to customers for convenience. Moxon’s also owns a small factory that supplies local vendors with in-house smoked fish and award-winning fishcakes, pies, and sauces. Like most fishmongers, the operations are dictated by seasonality and sustainability, meaning they have access to fish and shellfish from all the corners of the British coastline. Leverage their extensive industry knowledge to get the finest quality fish that land each day.

The Chelsea Fishmonger

If you want a wonderful selection of fresh fish and seafood caught around the coast, The Chelsea Fishmonger can’t disappoint. You will find the highest quality and freshest fish and shellfish at their two locations: Surrey and London. All the fish at the establishment is hand-picked daily from the renowned Cornish market at Newlyn and Billingsgate fish market. The fishmongers are passionate about fish and seafood, guaranteeing sustainable fishing methods to inspire your cooking. With most fish and shellfish being seasonal, expect to find only some variety year-round.


H Forman & Son

H Forman & Son is home to the world-famous London cure smoked Scottish salmon. This is true gourmet food with protected status. The family-owned and operated business has been curing and smoking fish in the East End of London for over a century. Today, the smokehouse offers specialties for some of the best food retailers and restaurants, guaranteeing fine dining across the City and other parts of the world. Freshness is everything, and it remains the guiding principle of H Forman & Son. When ordering a London cured smoked Scottish salmon, they use wild salmon, which is transported within 48hrs from Lock to Larder.


Steve Hatt

Steve Hatt is a fishmonger that believes in supporting a sustainable ecology, bringing the freshest fish to the Islington community with the smallest ecological footprint possible. Unlike most fishmongers, Steve Hatt pays a premium to purchase the freshest and tastiest fish from the British Coastline, ensuring your purchase remains fresh in the fridge for two to three days. The shop has served the Islington community for over 125 years and has adapted to the times without compromising quality and freshness standards. This dedication to quality and strong ethical guidelines makes Steve Hatt a reputable fishmonger and popular establishment.

The Sea, The Sea

Fishmongers can only provide same-day delivery in London or next-day nationwide. The Sea, The Sea is different from other businesses as it delivers fish to your doorstep quickly and without compromising quality standards. The fish is acquired from the sea and delivered to the shop within 24 hours, ensuring a fresh daily batch. The establishment has embraced technology to avoid long queues and delays, offering customers an online platform to order various fish and seafood. You can also collect your order from the Chelsea store to experience quality first-hand.


The Fish Society

If you are looking for a reputable online fishmonger in the United Kingdom, The Fish Society is undeniably better than the supermarket. They freeze fish when it is freshest to pause the clock on quality and ensure it lasts longer in your fridge. With over one million deliveries of seafood meals to 100,000 fish lovers across the UK, the level of quality is a testament to the dedication and commitment to excellence. The business also has a refund policy if the freshness of the product doesn’t meet your standards. In addition, The Fish Society donates to sustainability projects and is on track to provide an honest and detailed sustainability rating for all their fish.


Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers is another renowned online fishmonger specializing in providing the freshest and highest quality UK fish. Having been in the industry for twenty years, the business has supplied some of London’s best restaurants with the finest fish and shellfish, and now they are bringing it to you. The Wright Brothers source fresh products every morning from local fishermen before filleting, preparing, and delivering them to your doorstep. If you want to know what is in stock, visit their online platform, where they post the day’s specials.

Hampstead Seafood

Hampstead Seafood is located in the Hampstead Community Market and has been home to the finest purveyors of delicious produce for over twenty years. As one of London’s best fishmongers, the establishment stocks various fish, ensuring the customers’ needs are addressed. All their fish is sourced from Billingsgate, mostly from UK waters. However, overseas varieties, such as swordfish, tuna, and Red Snapper, make it to the shop. When you walk into Hampstead Seafood, the staff is friendly and welcoming. The shop’s design portrays a nice little village in London’s heart, which adds to the authenticity.

While the list of London’s best fishmongers is not limited to the ones listed, these suggestions will help narrow your search. Finding a reputable fish business in London can be daunting, especially if you are still determining what to look for or where to start your search. These fishmongers have a reputation in the City and positive reviews to give you peace of mind and guarantee maximum freshness.

Price is another major factor that attracts a buyer to a particular fishmonger. However, don’t compromise quality because of a deal that’s too good to be true. Many substandard shops charge less for their products to compensate for low quality fish. Visit some shops mentioned to enjoy top-notch fish and seafood products without breaking the bank.

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