The 10 Best Food Delivery Providers in London

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Food Delivery Providers in London

When the pandemic hit, it changed the world. Things that were never considered vital suddenly became incredibly important. In London, during the mandatory lockdown, one of those vital things was delivery services. Suddenly, with limited access to customer bases, companies had to adapt and maintain market availability or they wouldn’t survive. There was no telling how long the lockdown protocols were going to remain in place, so they had to become innovative to survive. Contact us to learn more about rented flat in london

One of those innovations was offering delivery options. Suddenly, stores that hadn’t considered delivery options were at the forefront of developing those methods to get the products to their customers. Seeing a need, delivery companies began offering services to many restaurants and retail outlets. Because of this, food delivery companies have seen massive growth during the pandemic lockdown. Whether it’s merely delivering food from a favourite restaurant or delivering ready made meals from custom recipes, people sheltering in place to slow the progress of the virus have all reaped the benefits of these developments.

Think about it. We get everything delivered to us now. What once was impossible to conceive, is now mere commonplace. We’ve become used to having things delivered to our homes from across the planet. We get everything delivered right to our doorsteps. This includes clothes, packages, furniture, and even food. What had at one time been considered a rarely used option has become a necessity given the global situation.

With the advent of technology, having food delivered to our home at this time is so much easier than it used to be. There are so many on-demand apps which offer delivery options with just a swipe of the screen.

As we continue to depend on apps more and more to help us complete all kinds of tasks, companies have recognized the need for food delivery systems and pounced on the opportunity. In a city of 8 million people, Londoners rarely have time to prepare meals in their home due to the hectic nature of their lifestyles. They are always on the lookout for meal options. Companies offering delivery services from various restaurants have erupted in a way never seen before.

As we are bombarded by countless food delivery companies offering various apps, it can be confusing as a Londoner to make sense of it all. Well, we have compiled the information on the top ten food delivery apps below so read on and get hungry.



Founded by: William Shu, Greg Orlowski

This company began simply enough. When the founder and CEO, Will Shu, moved to London in 2013, he was blown away by the numerous restaurants offering great food but also how few offered delivery options. He took it upon himself to change the way things were done in London. He wanted to bring the best local restaurants directly to customer’s home. He offered a reliable delivery system that customers were able to track through their mobile phone app. Deliveroo has seen revenue increase an incredible 650% year over year. Better yet, those restaurants who partner with Deliveroo see their own revenues improve by up to 30%.

Deliveroo also offers jobs as ‘riders’ or those who deliver the food. They do an excellent job of helping restaurants reach a new customer base. It uses machine learning in the form of algorithms which estimate the time needed to prepare the food ordered and optimize the delivery route and cut the delivery time by an astonishing 20%.


Founded by: Timo Boldt, James Carter

Founded in 2012, Gousto is a food delivery company which offers superior quality meals based on a collection of 50 different outstanding recipes on its platform. Their goal is to ensure Londoners have healthy home-cooked meals while on the go. Their famous boxes are a welcome site on the stoop when commuters get home at the end of a long day. They come with ready-measured ingredients that are fresh and last longer than store bought ingredients. Their model then couples that with easy-to-follow recipes.

At this point they are delivering four million meals to 380,000 homes in the UK per month. Their projections are quite ambitious and are predicting an astonishing 400 million meals delivered by 2025. They allow for extensive customization by customers so they are able to completely tailor the meals and products that they receive. Based upon their business model, they average price per meal per person is a very reasonable £2.98.

One of their goals as a company is to make a conscious effort to limit food waste and to remove plastic from all aspects of their operations. They are passionate about maintaining sustainability and believe with every meal they deliver they are leaving the planet in a much better place. While their focus is meal delivery, they also have an online market place where customers can purchase many curated goods as well.

Recently the London-based meal-kit company closed £33 million ($41 million) in funding. They are planning to continue investing their technology in various ways including the AI engine utilized by customers to place their orders to provide them with more personalized recommendations concerning what to eat and what to cook. They want to also continue to invest in the backend tech which would help to improve their own logistics and other operations including bolstering their system to handle even more capacity as the rising demand and next-day delivery expansion will add additional computing necessity.


Just Eat

Founded by: Laurens Groenendijk, Jesper Bunch, Marc Wesselink, Per Meldgaard, Martijn Rozendaal

Just Eat was founded in 2000 and is a leading food delivery company. It acts as a delivery system between independent takeaway food outlets and its customer base. Just Eat provides easy access across numerous restaurants and countless cuisines. Though headquartered in London, England, they currently operate in an impressive thirteen countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania. Their platform allows customers the ability to search through local takeaway restaurants, place their order, pay online, and choose to either pick-up the order or have it delivered with various options.


Butternut Box

Founded by: Kevin Glynn, David Nolan

So, humans aren’t the only ones who have benefited from the burgeoning home delivery services sector. Canines have benefited as well. Butternut Box saw the need for freshly prepared meals for dogs and tapped a previously unknown market. Founded in 2016, the company has produced more than 8 million meals for dogs across the entire UK and has benefited from an astonishing 700% growth since its inception. The meals are portioned for the specific weight, breed, gender, and exercise program for the dog before delivering any meals to the customer’s home.



Founded by: Ned Staple, Ben Patten, Ben Pugh

Farmdrop started in 2012 with a great premise and great a vision. They wanted to help fix the food chain in a way so customers would get the freshest and tastiest food available while the producers of the food would receive a larger share of the generated profits from their food. They do this by boasting the greenest and heathiest service in the UK. Implementing groundbreaking technology, Farmdrop achieved something lacking in modern day food services and that is a simpler food system from supply to production.

Mindful Chef

Founded by: Giles Humphries, Robert Grieg-Gran, Myles Hopper

A food delivery company with a focus on customer health, it debuted back in 2014. They provide impressive recipe boxes throughout the UK, already delivering one million meals to healthy minded customers. The success of Mindful Chef can be attributed to the use of only high-quality ingredients. It should be noted that for every meal sold, Mindful Chef donates a school meal to those underprivileged children living in the throes of poverty.



Founded by: Oli Ashness

Providing a unique product catalogue, SimplyCook is an online food delivery business unlike any other. Founded in 2013, the company operates under the guise of a single belief. Their vision is to make it easy to cook meals by providing easy to understand instructions with unparalleled products. This is a perfect solution to those customers who lead busy lifestyles and feel they don’t have time to prepare meals.



Founded by: Benn Hodges

Formed with the single mission to provide the best tasting ready to eat meals in the world, EatFirst was founded in 2014. Their gourmet meals are prepared by an incredible array of award-winning chefs and are fully sustainable and healthy without any artificial additives. In 2016, EatFirst began providing their gourmet meals to businesses making every board room a banquet with reusable meal boxes.




Founded by: Stephan Grund, Susannah Belcher, Alexander Brunst

As you might have guessed, CaterWings offers customers a marketplace available online. It lets customers order professional catered food from the best local restaurants and vendors. They provide team lunches, meal plans, and afternoon drinks for events of all sizes. They are currently partnered with 880 of the best caterers and restaurants. This new company has targeted the business-to-business catering industry.


Zing Zing Ground

Founded by: Joshua Magidson

Zing Zing Ground was founded in 2013 and is a Chinese food delivery startup. They offer the freshest ingredients and do not use any additives or chemicals of any kind in either their food or during its preparation. The dishes provided by Zing Zing Ground have become household favorites and offer unique taste combinations while utilizing authentic flavors.

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