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‘Tis been a while since I’ve tended to our little language lessons.  Today let’s focus on a smattering of terms relating to getting to where you’re going (and the little things that can help you along the way).  To kick off the list, the first term is a little tidbit a friend taught me yesterday in view of the treacherous ice-coated sidewalks (if you haven’t moved here yet, you missed a doozy of a snowstorm…at least as far as the locals see it.  Nothing this Chicago gal hasn’t seen before…):

grit = sand (as in the sand they lay on frozen walkways for friction, not like the sand at the beach.  I miss salt!)

queue = line  (as in the winding lines you’ll get to stand in at the post office and grocery stores–not to mention the ones countless folks have been waiting in when airports cancel flights due to 1 centimeter of snow)

trolley = shopping cart

lorrie = truck

motorbike = motorcycle

boot = the trunk of a car

bonnet = the hood of a car

car park = parking lot

carriageway = lane (as on a highway)

tube/underground = subway

subway = pedestrian underpass (to cross a street from beneath it via ramps on either side)

aeroplane = airplane

Safe travels to you, and be assured that London Relocation Ltd. always speaks your language in terms of understanding your property expectations and translating them to the local property market.

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