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Settling-In Service

Let us help you get started on the right foot!.

— We found you the perfect flat to rent in London. But our service doesn’t end there! —

A great part of our success at London Relocation rests on the fact that we listen to our clients and what they really need when facing the challenges of moving to London.

The first, of course, is finding a great home, apartment or flat to rent in London that ticks all the boxes and is in the right area. (We think we’re pretty good at that, what with our 100% placement of clients.)

But we’ve also found that for many of our clients, it’s after the move that leaves them feeling most vulnerable and overwhelmed.

Major concerns after Moving Day

  • Unfamiliar with UK processes
  • No trusted relationships with service providers
  • Unresponsive landlords and managing agents
  • No time to wait for installation providers
  • Who to call with a property query
  • How to choose the best services in your area

Don't worry - we're here for you!

Newcomers to London have all sorts of questions, from simple things like UK appliances and electricity, or picking a romantic restaurant for an anniversary dinner, to more important matters like finding the best doctors.

With London Relocation’s Settling-In Service, we can smooth your transition to your new life in London. It doesn’t matter if you were placed two days ago or two months ago – we’re always here to answer your questions, meet the cable guy, change your American plugs to British ones, arrange for a babysitter or help you set up your utilities.

After you move in, we help with...

  • Bank account
  • Utilities: gas, electricity, water, Internet/wifi
  • Council tax
  • Supervising contractors
  • Deliveries
  • Give advice and knowledge on London locale
  • Helpline
  • Assistance with landlords
  • Key Tag Service (if you lose ’em)
  • Education on UK appliances

— Some of the areas where we can help —

Utilities can be set up once you have secured your property. We will provide you with a list of suppliers, and then it’s simply a case of setting up accounts, which can be done very easily online. Remember, we are here to help if you need us! All utilities will be “live” when you move in–aside from cable and internet, which you will need to either install or activate. Getting set up and settled is a big part of a successful relocation to London. Again, we can help you do this!
You’re busy settling into your new job and new life, so we’ll meet any contractors on your behalf – cable, Internet, furnishings, lighting or anyone you’re trying to schedule.
We can help you deal with landlords/property managers for any required work for the first three months of your tenancy.
We provide a full check-out service for our clients, including key returns, holding deposit payments and negotiation with property managers or landlords.
Need to pick our brains about where to go, what to do and how to get it done? For anything you need to know about London, you can feel free to call us at any time.

Let us help you get settled in!