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Whether you need a flat or house our unique property search process Guarantees Finding your flat.

We hold your hand throughout and help you find a selection of properties in London that you love. Then, Your choices of properties in London, is sent directly from the LR search portal to all agents, landlords and realtors in London within seconds.

London relocation arrange a viewing day with up to 25 properties that suit your needs and show them to you in a single day.

How It Works

  • Contact us with your specific requirements
  • We Educate, on neighborhoods, transportation
  • One day Viewing model Guaranteed placement
  • You select your favorites – we negotiate the lease and terms.
  • Paperwork is signed – we bring you your keys!
  • We set up all of your utilities: WiFi electric, phone, TV, water

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—  Your London home journey —

properties in London

Your property brief

  • Type of property
  • Area and commute
  • Lifestyle, Budget
  • Moving date, Viewing date

One Day search model

  • Show you 18 to 25 properties
  • Rank best properties by day’s end
  • Negotiate rent/lease terms with you

Move in!

  • Fast from 1-3 days (or desired date)
  • Open a UK bank account
  • Wifi and Utilities set up

— London Relocation facts —

No MLS in London

YOU CANNOT go to ONE agency and see all options as there is NO MLS (Multiple Listing System) in London.

Agents are paid by the landlord

Agents receive a percentage of the rental amount. The more you pay, the more they get paid. Each estate agency is built on getting tenants for landlords, not homes for their clients.

Limited property stock

Agency will only have a limited amount of available properties at any one time. So if they don’t have something that matches requirements, then they simply cannot help you.

— Why you need London Relocation for finding the best properties in London —

A neutral standpoint

London Relocation get no fees from any agency, meaning that we can ensure that you are seeing a REAL snapshot of the London property market without any preference or bias.

Getting a good deal

We show all property options to find you the best home we can. We ensure the best possible deal, and with your best interests in mind.

Personality and dedication

We get to know you genuinely — not a faceless tenant  – so we can understand YOUR NEEDS as much as possible.

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