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Finding A Flat Rental In London During COVID-19

If you are thinking of moving, or are indeed already in the process, you may have questions about what we are seeing on the market and how this might impact your London move. Contact us to learn more about rent flats in london

For the most part, the London market still remains strong, which is encouraging for those who are considering a move. Despite increasing levels of demand from tenants, the major challenge has been the levels of stock coming to the market during the lockdown.

We are seeing a lot of people transferring  to London, prospective tenants, looking for certain types of properties considering the current restrictions with the following traits:

●     A separate work from home space

●     A property with a garden or other outside space

●     A property where tenants can walk or cycle to work

Depending on what part of the world you are moving from, most renters are also now having to factor in a mandatory 2 week quarantine period on arrival in London. Even if you are not moving from a Country requiring the 2 week quarantine period, most of the worry comes from simple things like, ‘how will I get my groceries?’ or ‘can I walk my dog?’ when these used to be simple activities that could be carried out without a thought or much humdrum.

If you are moving to a location in London, planning ahead can sometimes help alleviate this type of stress. Although Social Distancing is still in effect, most shops and restaurants have now opened and are functioning under this ‘new norm’. Buying groceries is still as simple as it used to be with the only change being that you are now required to wear a face mask if you go into a shop in London. This applies to groceries, malls, clothing shops, etc but not to restaurants or pubs.

London also offers a multitude of delivery options when it comes to food and other lifestyle needs. Delivery services have been continuous for the most part and support for local businesses and restaurants has been encouraged even more with incentives like the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme. The Scheme encourages dining out in local restaurants from Monday to Wednesday, offering special discounts to those who partake.

For the pet lovers among us, a 2-week quarantine can seem like a lifetime. The good news is that you are allowed to walk your dog (or cat!) during this time as long as it is in a short distance, you wear a face mask and you keep to social distancing as required.

London remains open and welcoming to those who are moving and in this ever-changing environment, it also remains fluid in its ability to adapt to situations and provide solutions to meet your needs.

To ensure that we also remain fluid, we continue to offer solutions to our clients who are unable to otherwise travel freely, so they can still get the assistance they need with their Home Search requirements.

If you are moving to London and are curious about the London Property Market or any other aspects of your move, give us a call!

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