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Pet Friendly Flats In London

It is possible to find pet-friendly flats in London. Overall, London is quite a pet friendly. Dogs can run without leashes at many city parks and are permitted entry to various shops and pubs.  I never cease to be impressed by how docile these animals manage to be, especially when they ride the Tube.  But I have to say I think the local dogs are more reserved than some of the Yankee renegades that come over, as my friends’ American dogs will tear through out of control like cowboys riding the untamed Wild West.  I had a good laugh at one of my friend’s tales about his puggle at Hampstead Heath:  while the British dogs were trotting at their owners’ sides and only required a single command at an indoor-voice volume for them not to stray, his dog proceeded to run ragged and fall into ponds, then rub his muddy hide up against the Burberry raincoats of proper older British ladies. Contact us to learn more about flat in london for rent

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Now when it comes down to pet friendly flats in London, we’re entering different territory.  The biggest obstacle you will encounter in this respect is finding a pet friendly flat in London; if the building doesn’t allow them, it doesn’t matter if the individual unit’s landlord doesn’t mind them.  If the building says no, it’s a no.

If the building says yes, but the landlord says no, that might rest at a no as well.  However, while many landlords may not be keen on having a dog or cat in their owned property, they may be willing to negotiate.  Ways to sweeten the pot for them when negotiating your lease is meeting the asking price rather than trying to haggle it down, if not offering more than the asking price (indeed, some landlords may require an additional fee).  In addition, they may be inclined to allow it if you are able to offer them additional months’ rent in advance as a way of bypassing additional costs.

There’s no way around the fact that having a pet versus not will be more of a property-finding challenge.  BUT it’s possible, so keep faith.  And if you’re employing the services of a relocation specialist like London Relocation Ltd., that expertise on your side will give you that much more of an edge, as we know the local contacts to call for pet friendly flats.

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