Making the Move: Your Ultimate Guide to Relocating to London, UK

by | Jun 10, 2018 | ABOUT LIVING IN LONDON

Updated 28 March 2024

Dreaming of making the move to London? You’re not alone! The allure of bustling city life, rich history, and endless opportunities makes London a top destination for folks from all corners of the globe. But before you pack your bags and set your sights on the UK’s capital, there’s a bit you’ll need to know to make your transition as smooth as possible. Let’s dive in!

Before You Go: Tackling the Basics

First things first, navigating through the visa process is your ticket in. Once that’s sorted, and you’ve picked a spot in London that feels just right, you’re almost ready to embark on your adventure.

Now, let’s talk about getting settled. London, like any city, has its own lingo you’ll want to get acquainted with. Ever heard of a “flat”? That’s what Londoners call an apartment. And “des-res”? That’s short for ‘desired residence’ – something you’ll want to find! “Two up-two down” might sound like dance steps, but it’s actually a house with two rooms on the ground floor and two on the top. These are just the tip of the iceberg, but don’t sweat it; you’ll catch on to these terms in no time.

Searching for a flat? Let us lend a hand! Contact us for insights on finding the perfect London pad.

Bringing the Family (and Fido) Along

Whether you’re making the move solo, with your partner, or with your family in tow, London welcomes you all. And yes, that includes your furry family members!

For those bringing pets from the EU, a pet passport is your golden ticket. Make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies, microchipped, and they’re good to go. Pets coming from outside the EU might need to go through a quarantine process, so it’s vital to weigh your options carefully.

Education: A Priority for Families

For families with kids, figuring out schooling is top of the list. Lucky for you, London boasts one of the finest education systems worldwide, with a mix of prestigious schools governed by Local Education Authorities. A unique feature to note is the “catchment area” policy, prioritizing children living nearby for school placements. This means your London address could very well hinge on the schools you’re eyeing for your kids. However, if you’re leaning towards private education, you’ll have more flexibility in choosing your London home.

Tailoring Your London Adventure

Who you’re bringing along on your London adventure will shape many of your decisions – from picking schools to choosing the right neighborhood. But fear not, with a bit of planning and some local insights, you’ll navigate these choices like a pro.

Relocating to London is more than just a move; it’s the start of a thrilling chapter filled with new experiences and adventures. Ready to take the leap? Let’s make your London dream a reality together!

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