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Updated 24 May 2024

Every year, many Indians successfully relocate to the United Kingdom for various reasons. With London as the UK capital city with many employment opportunities and other economic and social niceties, many Indians prefer the city as their landing place. If you are relocating to London from India, you are in the right place for the best information that will help your relocation choices and processes. Contact us to learn more about flat for rent london

Some Indians get important information about moving to London from India through their friends and relatives who have already migrated to the city. However, some are not as lucky and rely on haphazard bits of information from the internet. If you are planning to relocate to London from India, the best way to start is to seek reliable and credible information about moving to London from trustworthy sources such as here.

How to Relocate to London from India

The most important aspect of your big move from India to London is to understand the different types of visas required moving to London. As a migrant from India to the UK, you need to check what types of visas you qualify to move to London. The process of getting a UK visa can be long and slow at times. It is therefore quite important to start the process as early as possible. As an Indian relocating to London, there are several types of visas at your disposal to enter the UK and relocate to London.

These UK visas are categorized into what are called tiers from tier 1 to 5 as well as short term study visa. The information about these visas is available on the official UK government visa website. On the site, you can read in plain English all the details about the visas and which ones you qualify for as an Indian moving to UK London.

The visa requirements moving to the UK change regularly. This, therefore, calls for constantly looking for the latest visa information from the official website. Here is what you need to know about the different types of visas that you can apply for as an Indian relocating to London.

Visas for Indians Moving to London

If you are looking for an opportunity to set up a business empire in London and you are not from the European Economic Area (EEA) – India is not in EEA, you need to apply for a tier 1 visa. This will allow you to live in London for three years, after which you can extend for a further two years. After five years in the UK, you can apply for an opportunity to live in London indefinitely.

As an Indian, you need a tier 2 visa if you have been offered an opportunity to work in the UK. You should be sure to provide supporting proof that the salary paid is sufficient for living in London. There are visas for Indian students in London depending on the length of the course and the age of the student. This also applies to persons wishing to temporarily work in London for some time. The cost of living in London is a bit higher than in any Indian city

The London Melting Pot

If you’ve just managed to complete your relocation to London, then you may have already noticed that one of the most exciting aspects of the city is the diverse mix of people and cultures. And not just when it comes to restaurants and the different styles of food they offer, although I don’t think that anyone could argue against the vast difference that the influx of Indians to the city has done for Friday nights.

No, just in terms of the enormous number of different cultural influences that the city experiences and how this must affect day to day living. In a day going to and from work you’re likely to come across a selection of people as diverse as Jamaicans, Ghanaians, Cypriots, South Africans, Australians, and Americans. If you’re very lucky, you might even bump into a few English people.

A Few Stats

This obviously has a great deal to do with the fact that London is a city that offers a great many things to many people. It’s a financial capital, it’s vastly attractive in terms of what it offers for arts, culture, and entertainment and is a city that seems amazingly open to absorbing any number of people that visit it.

Given that over forty-four thousand Americans are living in London, you shouldn’t struggle to find and meet people from back home. But what’s particularly appealing about London’s diversity, is the opportunity it offers you to expand your experiences with different cultures and peoples. With eighty thousand Jamaicans, sixty-six thousand Kenyans, and nearly forty thousand Germans, it’s a wonderful chance to meet the kind of people you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to get to know.

Better yet, it’s the kind of thing you could happily experience just around the corner from your place, while not making the effort or spending the money you’d have on spend on traveling. You can get to know people of different nationalities and backgrounds and not even have to leave the city. As such, relocation to London can also mean broadening your horizons like never before.

Indian Food –  Britain’s National Dish

moving to London from India, Indian communities in London, London visas, job opportunities in London, Indian cuisine in London, Pinner, Southall, Goldhawk Road, Harrow, Ealing, relocating to London, London relocation services

If you’re moving to London you’re going to have to sample some of Britain’s favorite food. While the curry is not a British invention, it is a British tradition and has become the favorite dish across the United Kingdom. Indian cuisine has taken Britain by storm and you’ll find many Indian restaurants and takeaway venues that serve fine Indian cuisine while you’re living in London.

The history of the popularity of Indian food in England can be traced back to the time of the British Empire in India. The military that was stationed in India developed a taste and a love for the spicy Indian cuisine and brought the recipes and flavors back to England when they were on leave or going home moving here.

Mulligatawny soup which is considered to be a British institution had its roots in the spicy broths found in India, and Kedgeree which is a firm favorite for breakfast began as a spicy rice and lentil dish in India. The numerous restaurants that sprung up lately had much to do with the introduction of going out for a quick meal. Eating out has not always been popular apart from the upper classes who dined at restaurants and fine hotels.

The middle classes took to Indian food and Indian restaurants wholeheartedly and the curry in all its forms is now considered Britain’s national dish.

moving to London from India, Indian communities in London, London visas, job opportunities in London, Indian cuisine in London, Pinner, Southall, Goldhawk Road, Harrow, Ealing, relocating to London, London relocation services

Relocating to London From India: Foodie Paradise

Indian cooking and cuisine have become a part of British culture and tradition and you have to try this type of cooking when you’re living here. It doesn’t matter what part of the city you live in, you just need to walk out of your new rental and head in any direction to find fantastic Indian restaurants and eateries. The east end of London, in particular, has a number of excellent Indian restaurants as there is a huge population of Bangladeshi’s living in the area, but you’ll find excellent restaurants all over town.

The best way to gauge the popularity and authenticity of an Indian restaurant is to see how many people of Indian origin are eating there. You can eat cuisine from a different country every night of the week while you’re living in London, but you can’t call yourself a true local until you’ve sampled a good curry!

Indian Restaurants In London

People of Indian background who are looking to buy London flats or those people who enjoy Indian foods would fare well to learn about some of the best Indian restaurants in London. The city is known for its string of delicious sit-in and takeaway restaurants, ranging from Chinese to Great British cuisine.

One of the benefits of moving to London is the ability to learn about other cultures.  In particular, Americans fresh from the states can learn a lot about India since Indians make up the largest minority group in England.

Beginning in the early twentieth century Indians began moving to London and other parts of England for educational purposes and employment opportunities. By definition, a British Indian is any person of Indian ancestry whether they are from India, Pakistan, East Africa, the Caribbean or Fiji.

Relocating to London From India: Indian Culture

Today, there are almost 500,000 Indian people living in London, alone.  British and Indian cultures are intertwined due to years of British rule over India.  In the early twentieth century wealth, Indians sent their children to be educated in England. Mahatma Gandhi, who studied Law in London, was one of the most famous.

Today, Indian culture permeates many aspects of life in London and those moving to London will see its influence everywhere.  Indian cuisine is quite popular and there seem to be about as many Indian and Pakistani restaurants as there are immigrants!

moving to London from India, Indian communities in London, London visas, job opportunities in London, Indian cuisine in London, Pinner, Southall, Goldhawk Road, Harrow, Ealing, relocating to London, London relocation services

Relocating to London From India: Indian Restaurants In London

Most families moving to London have never been to India making their time in England ideal for learning more about the fascinating culture. The first way to experience Indian culture for any family just moving to London is to visit one of the spectacular restaurants.

Indian food in the States is a growing cuisine but regional.  Many parts of the United States have no Indian representation at all.  Also, not all British Indians are from India.  Many other countries are represented in the city making that many more restaurants on the list to visit for any family moving to London for the first time.

Chutney Raj

Located on Gray’s Inn Road, Chutney Raj attracts many locals. You can either dine in the restaurant or order takeaway to enjoy at home. You can order takeaways and book tables online. Chutney Raj is open Monday through Sunday.

Chutney Raj offers guests a wide range of Indian delicacies. Some dishes on their menu include dall soup, Tandoori king prawns and sag paneer. Consider booking a table in advance rather than just turning up when you buy London flats because Chutney Raj is a favored local Indian restaurant.

Tandoori Nights

You can visit Tandoor Nights via tube when you live here, as it is located on Great Queen Street. You can also find this restaurant in other parts of the city because it is a very successful chain. Comedians occasionally perform at this restaurant, giving guests the chance to enjoy delicious food while watching comedy acts.

Various cocktails can be tasted here, which are perfect for washing down the mounds of food you will taste. Some popular dishes are onion bhajee’s, chicken or lamb tikka, sheek kebab, prawn puri, and spicy salmon steak. Book a party here too or organize a reservation through their website.

Moti Mahal

Covent Garden hosts Moti Mahal, and if you buy a flat nearby, you must visit this restaurant. The modern, clean interior offers a wonderful dining experience. Moti Mahal caters to parties and special events, so check online if you want to book a large reservation. When you visit, try the bhalla papadi chat, a favorite dish.

Moti Mahal also won an award for ‘Restaurant Of The Year’ in 2010, making it ideal to visit when living in London flats.

Here are some of the more popular restaurants featuring traditional British Indian food:

  1. Tayyabs – A top restaurant featuring Pakistani food, located in Whitechapel
  2. Hot Stuff – An Indian restaurant with a cult following, located in Vauxhall
  3. Rasa – Featuring South Indian cuisine they specialize in vegetarian dishes and are located in Stoke Newington.
  4. Triphal– an Indian restaurant with a diverse menu representing all regions of India, located in Southfields

London Relocating to London From India Services

Welcome to London relocation where people find their home guaranteed. We’re an all-inclusive service that’s helped 100% of our clients find their perfect property sign a lease and move in within their desired timeframe.

You might be wondering what’s so difficult about the London property market that you can just do this on your own.
Agents in London only hold private stock in their area they don’t share with other agencies through a multiple listing system. This means you can’t just go to one agency and see all the available options. That’s why you need a London relocation. We will be your Multiple Listing system and exhaust the market. We guarantee you will find your flat through us.

Relocating to London From India: Process

We conduct a needs assessment to understand what type of property you’re looking for, your move-in timeline, and the area that best suits your lifestyle and community. Our team guides you through this process, offering personalized attention and educating you on the local market to avoid surprises.

On viewing day, your personal agent shows you 18 to 25 properties. When a property captures your heart, we help you negotiate the rent and lease terms. Customer service is our top priority.

We work with the leading agents and landlords, but we work exclusively for you. Our team of London ex-pats understands the unknowns you’re facing and can translate the differences. We want you to settle into your new life quickly and seamlessly.


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