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by | May 9, 2023 | Pet Relocation

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Pet Tips For London Apartments

Hey New Yorkers! So you’ve taken the leap and moved your family across to London? Congratulations on taking that exciting leap! As someone who recently made this same move with my furry companion, let me share some tips to ensure a smooth transition both for you and your beloved pet – London truly welcomes pet owners with open arms! Contact us to learn more about rental flats in london

At first, let’s talk about finding a pet-friendly apartment in London. After the challenges associated with apartment hunting in New York City, you might be pleased by how easily available these options are in London. Many landlords and agencies understand the significance of four-legged companions and are accommodating them when possible; nonetheless it is still essential to do your research by searching specifically for London’s pet-friendly places – websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove can be helpful for this search process.

As London has many wonderful neighborhoods for pet owners, its neighborhoods provide plenty of places that cater specifically to you and your furry friend’s lifestyle. You’ll find everything from serene parks in Kensington and Chelsea to bustling streets in Camden; find something suitable! When selecting an area, think about green spaces, dog-friendly cafes, and pet stores when making your selection – you want somewhere where walking and access to all essential pet supplies are accessible easily!

Let’s move onto logistics now. Moving your pet across the Atlantic may seem daunting, but with careful preparation it can become pretty straightforward. Start by making sure that your furry friend has all of the vaccinations and paperwork needed for international travel; UK regulations include microchipping, rabies vaccination, and an official health certificate. Talk to your veterinarian regarding this process as well as any additional requirements they might need.

Once the paperwork has been filed away, it’s time to think about the journey itself. Whether by plane or ship, book your pet’s transport early – choose an established pet transportation service specializing in international travel that has expertise managing logistics smoothly. Additionally, remember to pack essentials such as toys and bedding as well as food and water for their journey.

Once in London, it’s time to settle in your pet-friendly apartment. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth transition into your new place of residence:

1. Create a familiar environment.

Arrange your pet’s belongings – such as their bed, toys and food bowls – in a designated area in your new apartment to provide some sense of familiarity during this transitional phase.

2. Explore London’s pet-friendly neighborhood together.

Take your furry baby on a tour around their new neighborhood to help familiarize them with its sights and smells, as well as to identify any nearby parks and green spaces for daily walks and playtime.

3. Pet-proof your apartment.

As with New York apartments, London apartments may vary significantly in their layouts and potential hazards, so take the time to secure loose wires, block off any dangerous areas for your pet, and ensure all windows and balconies are secure.

4. Find a local veterinarian.

It’s best to have someone close by in case of emergencies or routine check-ups. plus, vets can often provide invaluable insight into local pet services like grooming salons, dog walkers, and London’s other pet-friendly establishments.

5. Establish a routine.

Animals thrive on routine, so set a regular time and place for feeding, walks, and playtime for your new furry companion to adjust and feel secure in their new environment. Plus, this will help you establish an individual routine as you navigate London life!

6. Join pet-friendly communities.

London is a hub of pet lovers, and there are countless social groups and communities where you can meet other pet owners. Meetup groups, dog walking clubs, or online forums offer opportunities to exchange experiences, gain advice from other members, and form friendships for both you and your furry pal.

7. Understand pet regulations.

Familiarize yourself with local pet regulations, including leash laws and waste disposal requirements. Being a responsible pet owner means adhering to city rules to maintain harmony with neighbors and the community.

8. Explore London’s pet-friendly attractions.

Take advantage of local pet-friendly establishments! Many cafes, restaurants and shops allow pets to join you on daily adventures – find places that allow pets and enjoy quality time with them in London! Do some research beforehand so you don’t waste your time.


In my experience, moving to London with your dog(s) can be an exhilarating adventure! With some preparation and research, finding an apartment that allows pets will help ensure an enjoyable life for you and your furry pal. Enjoy exploring London’s pet-friendly parks while making memories that will last a lifetime; here’s to new beginnings with waggling tails!

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