Outdoor Activities in London: A Guide for Families

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Updated 03 June 2024

If you’re like me, you’re eager to venture out into the world once again. London offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a great city for family adventures. According to a recent survey, 75% of Londoners are keen to explore outdoor spaces and parks post-lockdown. This guide highlights the best outdoor activities in London, perfect for families looking to rediscover the city’s vibrant public spaces. Whether you’re into parks, farms, or unique adventures, there’s something for everyone. Contact us to learn more about rental flats in London.

South West London

Horseback Riding – Village Stables – Wimbledon

Anyone looking for a bit of country adventure while staying in the shadow of London should visit the stables in Wimbledon. Established thirty years ago, bring the entire family out for a great adventure on horseback while riding over Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park. An award-winning British Horse Society Approved Training Centre, the stable provides beginning as well as advanced lessons or courses offering a wonderful afternoon of horse-riding adventure.

Go Ape – Battersea Park

How would you like to take the family on an adventure in a sprawling urban jungle? You can do just that at Go Ape in Battersea Park. Hidden in the canopy is one of the best secrets of southwest London. You and your family can enjoy dozens of climbing ropes, floating walkways high above the ground, or zip lines whisking you through the trees. The pathways are fraught with obstacles and challenges for those brave adventurers.

London Helicopter Tour

For a unique adventure, try a London Helicopter Tour. With a bird’s eye view, the tour offers a singular way to experience the wonderful city sights. You will not be disappointed in the breathtaking views of the city’s wonderful points of attraction. There are individual and group rates with numerous packages available to customize your mile-high tour of London.

Hackney City Farm

Home to numerous urban farms, London brings the rural appeal of farm life to the city. Families looking for a bit of country adventure need no long drive beyond the city limits to find the adventure they seek. Bring the little ones on Saturday for the Mini Farmer’s Club. Animals galore, let the whole family enjoy a slice of farm life while staying in London.

Kayaking Tours of Thames

The biggest guided kayaking tour provider on the Thames, The Kayaking London Centre, features adventures for all ages and all levels of experience. If you’ve never gone kayaking, why not start now? This is not to be missed. The tours are guided by some of the most experienced kayakers in London, offering a second-to-none experience. No need to worry about getting wet; splash-proof equipment keeps you and your family warm and dry while you enjoy riding the Thames.

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North and East London

Runaround at Barnard Park

Offering a wonderful adventure playground and numerous sports facilities, the Runaround offers a perfect setting for an afternoon of football or basketball. When the kids get too hot from all the running around, stick them in the water play adventure park and let them cool off.

Go Ape, Alexandra Palace

No, that’s not a typo. There is another Go Ape location, extending their reach to Alexandra Palace. Offering awe-inspiring views of the city, adults and children alike can enjoy themselves amid the Tree Top Adventures, walking along suspended walkways, bridges, and tunnels. There is also an exciting zip line to ride as well, racing through the treetops.

Commune with Nature at Woodberry Wetlands

Founded in the 1800s, this wonderful wildlife reservoir is a burgeoning wetland offering sanctuary to swallows, Kingfishers, butterflies, and bats. Spend an hour or an afternoon wandering the lush foliage and beautiful paths before making a pit stop at The Coal House Café.

outdoor activities in London, family activities London, London parks, London adventure sports, London urban farms, kayaking Thames London, horseback riding Wimbledon, Go Ape Battersea, London relocation, best outdoor activities London, family fun London

West London

Hounslow Urban Farm

Set on a sprawling twenty-nine acres, Londoners can experience the wonder of country relaxation while remaining inside the city. This is one of the largest community farms in greater London and includes rabbits, geese, ducks, goats, pigs, and alpacas. The entire family can commune with the collection of animals and make friends with them for the day. There are also pony rides and, for the adventurous members of your family, even owl handling.

Ravenscourt Park

With springtime coming on strong, you and your family are going to be looking for wonderful outdoor activities. Ravenscourt Park is perfect for those activities. It has thirteen acres of walking paths, picnic locations, numerous playgrounds, and sporting facilities. There are netball courts, tennis courts, and even Astroturf football pitches.

Adrenalin Rush Laser Combat

That’s right. Laser combat. What’s not to enjoy? It’s every person for themselves as you and your family members race around, firing laser weapons at each other. Hide behind tractor tires, buildings, abandoned cars, and oil drums. Not to worry. It’s all safe fun with guns that fire harmless infrared signals that sensors pick up. Players are perfectly safe.

Stroll Through Margravine Cemetery

For those families who are fans of the creepy and crawly side of London, Margravine Cemetery is a must-see. Could there be specters and haunts? Possibly. Might there be flora, fauna, and beautiful wildlife? Definitely. This historic cemetery is home to three separate memorials and is far more than just a graveyard. It is a beautiful locale rife with wildlife of all kinds.

Holland Park’s Adventure Playground

This is a place for kids to burn off their energy with plenty of space and activities to keep them from getting bored. There are mini-climbing walls and exciting climbing frames, too, as well as an aerial runway. There is a massive 22-acre area filled with gardens, woodlands, and sports areas. Once the day is done, take the family to the on-site café in the Japanese Kyoto Garden and have a nice dinner.

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South East London

Severndroog Castle

Those families looking for something with a historical slant should look no further than Severndroog Castle. Built on one of the highest points in London, Shooter’s Hill, the castle, built in the 1700s, offers beautiful cityscape views and unparalleled views of the surrounding countryside.

Crystal Palace Park

This park boasts a maze made from hedges and a herd of leafy dinosaurs. It has a boating lake, a café, and a children’s farm.

Herne Hill Velodrome

One of the oldest tracks in the world, the Herne Hill Velodrome, was built in 1891. With an impressive 30-degree bank, this 450-meter-long track was used in the 1958 Olympics. This is a great venue to try something unique as a family. They even offer cycling polo and an impressive array of mountain biking paths.

Bonus Attractions

If the attractions above weren’t quite your speed or if you’ve already experienced them and are looking for other alternatives, then how about trying these bonus attractions on for size? They offer something different and might be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to fun, entertaining things to do together.

Harry Potter – London Bus Tour

Let this one-of-a-kind tour take you and your family to the real King’s Cross Station as well as the famous platforms 9 and ¾. Your family will not be disappointed as the bus makes stops at all of the Leaky Cauldron’s locations. The bus will also stop at every locale associated with the vast Harry Potter franchise. Stand before the incredible 12 Grimmault Place.

Hounslow Heritage Walk, Isleworth

While this might seem a bit gruesome on the face of it, these two locations offer a truly singular experience. Certainly, 200 soldiers died at the Battle of Brentford, but this entire area is full of history. Vincent Van Gogh actually taught in Isleworth. While on the Hounslow Heritage Walk, those are just two stories that help to bring out the history of Chiswick’s Palladian Villa, Syon House, Osterly House, and Boston Manor.

Peckham’s Rooftop Film Club

Looking for something completely different? Then look no further. How about coming to the Rooftop Film Club in Peckham and watching a movie while enjoying some Italian food from Forza Win? Just sit back in the provided director’s chairs and snuggle under blankets, listening to the movie through headphones. The bar will be open promptly at 5 pm. The films begin at sunset, and tickets are now on sale. Book early because there are limited seats available.

Chislehurst Caves

For those families seeking adventure, the Chislehurst Caves are a must-visit. These man-made caves weave under some of the most beautiful countryside. Originally used to mine chalk, now families can enjoy the unique experience of wandering underground in a forty-five-minute tour. They leave at the top of every hour.

How LondonRelocation.com Can Help with the Relocation Process

Navigating outdoor activities in London and finding the perfect home can be overwhelming. LondonRelocation.com offers expert assistance to make your move seamless. They help you find ideal rental flats close to the best outdoor activities in London, ensuring a smooth transition and enjoyable living experience. With their guidance, you can explore London’s parks, farms, and adventure spots with ease.


Exploring the best outdoor activities in London is a fantastic way to enjoy family time and discover new experiences. From horseback riding in Wimbledon to kayaking on the Thames, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Whether you want to visit urban farms, adventure parks, or historic sites, London has it all. If you’re considering relocating to be closer to these activities, LondonRelocation.com can help you find the perfect rental flat. Contact LondonRelocation.com today to make your move and start enjoying the incredible outdoor activities London has to offer!

FAQs: Outdoor Activities in London

What adventure to do in London?

Try horseback riding in Wimbledon, kayaking on the Thames, or zip-lining at Go Ape in Battersea Park.

What is the most popular outdoor activity?

Visiting parks like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park for picnics, walks, and boating is very popular.

Is there anything fun to do in London?

Yes, London offers countless fun activities like exploring urban farms, visiting historical sites, and enjoying outdoor adventure parks.

What to do when it’s nice outside?

Enjoy the weather by visiting a park, taking a bike ride, going on a hike, or having a picnic with family and friends.

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