Moving to London for EU Citizens

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London for EU Citizens

Moving to a new country can be both thrilling and life-altering; for European Union (EU) nationals, London offers an incredible wealth of possibilities and experiences that could change their lives forever. This blog aims to provide EU citizens with an accessible guide that will ease them smoothly into life in London. Contact us to learn more about london flat rental

Understanding the Brexit Impact

Due to Britain’s exit from the European Union, immigration rules and regulations for EU citizens seeking to live and work in Britain have undergone considerable revision. The EU Settlement Scheme recently implemented an automatic two-year extension for individuals with pre-settled status to prevent loss of immigration status if they do not switch over to settled status within two years. Administered by the Home Office, this extension seamlessly integrates into digital status updates and notifies recipients.

Applying for settled or pre-settled status is an easy online process that includes providing proof of identity, residence in the UK, and relationship documents (if relevant). It’s vitally important that all required documents are accurate and up to date to avoid any complications during this process.

Employment and Job Opportunities

London offers diverse job opportunities across various industries. Boasting an imposing financial sector, an innovative tech scene, and an abundance of cultural heritage attractions, London provides something for everyone. European Union citizens who hold settled or pre-settled status will still be able to work legally in the UK after Brexit without needing a work visa—this makes London even more appealing as an employment destination.

Healthcare and Education

Access to healthcare and education are two critical considerations when moving to London as an EU citizen. By maintaining settled or pre-settled status, EU citizens can continue accessing the National Health Service (NHS), meeting their healthcare needs without interruption. Furthermore, their rights remain intact to study in the UK so you can explore all that London has to offer educationally.

Housing and Cost of Living

London is notorious for its high living costs, so it’s wise to factor this into your plans. Rent prices may differ significantly depending on which neighborhood you select; do your research thoroughly in order to chose one that fits both your budget and preferences; there are plenty of websites and apps that help search rental properties and compare costs.

Embracing the Cultural Experience

London offers so much more than work and practicalities; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in its diverse cultural scene, from world-class museums and art galleries, theaters, and live music venues to world cuisine and traditional cultures.

Navigating the City

London’s extensive public transportation system is your perfect partner when it comes to getting around. The famous London Underground (The Tube) connects most corners of the city, making commuting convenient. Consider getting an Oyster card or contactless payment method to ensure smooth travel; don’t forget that walking and cycling offer excellent opportunities to discover hidden gems above ground too!

Building a Social Network

Moving to a new city can be daunting, but London offers many opportunities to meet people and make friends. Join clubs, attend meetups, and engage in activities related to your interests—networking events are a great way to expand professional networks! Additionally, London boasts a diverse population, which means there will be people from different walks of life, creating an ever-expanding mosaic of cultures and perspectives in which to meet friends.


Moving to London as a EU citizen post-Brexit may bring change, but that hasn’t diminished its charm. With careful preparation, an optimistic attitude, and an openness to new experiences, you can quickly adjust to life in Britain’s heartland—from immigration processes to cultural treasures—London welcomes EU citizens with open arms for an enriching journey.

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