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London Lifestyle Gallery

As seen through the eyes of the Flickr Community

London Relocation, your relocation company in London is thrilled to feature a number of guest photographers here as part of our 2016 website redesign. These are professionals and amateurs, residents and visitors — photographers with a great eye who’ve managed to capture many of the fantastic aspects of life in London and a London lifstyle.

Why did London Relocation choose to showcase third-party photography?

It’s quite simple really…we love London! As part of our ever-expanding expat services, we want to share our love affair with this vibrant, exciting, sometimes frustrating, but never boring city that has stolen our hearts. Moving to London is challenging; we want to introduce you to a city that is filled with communities, not just areas, that offers a London lifestyle, not just a life – which is exactly what all of our services embody.

Creative Commons images

You’ve seen all of the standard tourist shots before – taken of red phone boxes, double-decker buses, Big Ben. Our chosen images are taken from a different perspective – that of people living in and loving life in their city. We’ve presented these because we want you to discover London with us: to walk the cobbled streets, enter the classic homes, and marvel at the modern architecture and stunning sights.

The third-party images shown here are used with permission via the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. We’ve placed links back to the original shot on each photo. All photos were modified by 1) adding a title and attribution link, and 2) to cut the image to a fixed size.

A special thanks to all of these photographers for allowing us to highlight their work.