Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate

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Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation

Top Things Celebrate in London

Beginning July 19th, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that all levels of legally-mandated lockdown will end. Contact us to learn more about london flat for rent

What does this mean for citizens?

This mandate being lifted indicates that citizens may now freely commence going to and gathering in any desired location – even in establishments that were at one time closed for safety. (i.e., bars, pubs, nightclubs, and other non-mandatory establishments.)

Thankfully, summer isn’t over yet – and we’ve compiled the top 10 sights to see and things to do to help you make the most out of these next few months!


Get a Bird’s Eye View from The Shard

A renowned site to see in the heart of London, the Shard towers over London’s skyline provide absolutely breathtaking views of the entire city.

The Shard also offers a beautiful champagne bar, allowing you to sip and take in the skyline. This would make for a hot stop before dinner or to end your weekend.

Prior to the re-opening, staffers at the Shard were instructed to run the activity at limited capacity to minimize risk, but they expect to be fully open with Boris Johnson’s announcement of Freedom Day.

If you have a voucher or haven’t been able to attend, we strongly recommend you do. Tickets start as low as 25£. Bring a loved one or family member, and make memories to last a lifetime!

For updated safety measures and COVID updates for this attraction, you can view their live update page by clicking here.



Putt a Hole-In-One at Swingers in London

If you’ve been looking for an all-inclusive experience, look no further than Swingers in London.

Swingers have mastered the art of fun and intermingle delicious bites, unique cocktails, and mini-golf with a twist for a night you’ll never forget!

Choose from multiple custom courses, dance by the DJ booth, and grab a drink for your adventure.

This is the perfect place to bring your friend group. Click here to secure your spot at the hottest crazy-golf location in the town!

Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation

Snap a Shot in Covent Garden – and stay for the Entertainment

Covent Garden is a beautiful walkabout area in the West End area of London – filled to the brim with backdrops, vibrant florals, and dozens of specialty shops and boutiques.

This is the perfect place to bring your camera to & get that perfect still-shot, or you can soak in the sights, enjoy the fine dining, and explore the endless array of shops.

Right now, the Covent Garden is hosting its summer festival in the East Piazza – boasting themed and hosted bar offerings from Stella Artois and Fever Tree, as well as a custom Spritz list and delectable food options from STEAKhaus, The Churros Shop, and dozens more.

Come down to enjoy live music, celebration, divine eats, and vibrant surroundings. You won’t regret stopping by this London hot spot!


Cool Off with an Ice Cream from Delicious!

The lockdown is over – and summer is heating up! Adventure around London and stay cool with custom ice cream from the boutique shop Udderlicious!

Vegan customers and regulars alike can’t get enough. With an extensive menu and endless gourmet topping choices, Udderlicious has curated its menu to appeal to even the most specific of ice cream lovers.

Their menu rotates and changes by month, so each unique flavor is only available for a limited time.

Stop in today and fall in love with your unique creation – and dive into the delectable flavors of Espresso and chocolate Biscotti or Millionaire’s Shortcake.

You can vote for the next month’s flavors as well by clicking here – every vote counts!


Connect with the Community – Visit Local Traders at Borough Market

Reconnect with the local traders and support them as they navigate the pandemic post-lockdown! The Borough Market is full of specialty goods and stalls and is the perfect location to spend a rainy summer afternoon.

Borough Market isn’t just a hot spot for quality food and goods – it’s also a cultural landmark that houses hundreds of delicious food and drink spots!

You’ll find cuisine buried in each corner, ranging from Mediterranean delicacies to Taiwanese-inspired street dishes.

After visiting the Borough, you’ll walk away with a full belly and a basket full of goodies to cook with at home. Shop small, reconnect, and be sure to stop by and visit with the traders – they can’t wait to see you there!

If sustainability & shopping small are priorities of yours, you should read up on the Borough’s story and values.


View the Majestic Sights of Buckingham Palace

This beautiful landmark will be open to the public – and is worthy of every ounce of buzz it gets! In the summer months, the public garden and art views are open freely – allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the historic beauty that Buckingham Palace has to offer.

Beyond soaking in the rich history, we recommend that you take a moment to soak in something not many will have the privilege to view: the changing of the guard.

This military tradition happens daily at 11:30 a.m. and serves as a nod to the military contributions and duty of protection.

You can also take in the towering Queen Victoria Memorial, handcrafted out of marble and regally overseeing the land.

If you plan to visit Buckingham Palace, this free guide offers the best standing locations and duel spots you may want to view.


Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation

Lose Yourself in Majestic Kew Gardens

If you’re a born and bred Londoner but have never gotten the chance to visit Sir Henry Capel’s famous Kew Gardens, please be sure to do that this summer. The views are absolutely unmatched!

Home to endless amounts of culturally curated botanical landscapes, you can admire the over 14,000 types of specimens that the gardens boast of.

Spend hours enjoying the arboretum, explore the bridges and crossings, or settle in for a bite to eat at their delicious restaurant offerings. You won’t get a better view than the Japanese Gardens or the botanic bridge crossings!

The famous glass houses do more than simply glitter as symbols of architectural majesty – these cathedrals act as temperature-controlled greenhouses and keep plants maintained…the very same plants that serve multiple uses and could someday change our way of life for the better.

You do have to buy tickets in advance – adult tickets beginning at 17.50£ each.

You could also book your ticket for after 4:00 pm – and catch a breathtaking sunset for just 10.00£.


Immerse Yourself in Art & History at The National Gallery

Are you an art history lover or simply a connoisseur of unique works? The National Gallery offers an amazing collection of Impressionist-style paintings through the 20th century…all completely free and open to the public.

Just outside of Leicester Square, The National Gallery boasts beautiful sculpture and architectural design, gardens to explore, and endless hallways of art preserved through the ebb and flow of history.

That’s not all – you can book ahead now for exclusive events and features and ensure you save your spot at one of the most vibrant art hot spots in London.

Beginning July 29th, The National Gallery will also be bringing back their once-loved live music events in the art sculpture gardens – affording patrons a unique outdoor experience as they bask in the beauty around them while listening to artistically designed playlists from up-and-coming artists.

Tickets will be available on their main website, which you can secure up to two weeks in advance by clicking here.


Explore the History of the Tower of London

Now open to the public, the Tower of London allows visitors to go deeply into the history of London’s formation and rich background.

Visitors can view open displays of historical crown jewels, view the different towers and battlements, and learn about the diverse story of the Tower’s purposes – as a historical landmark, a housing for some of the most royal artifacts, and as a prison at one point.

Storytellers will gather to speak to you and weave tapestries of stories of the true guardians of the Tower, as well as speak life into the historical roles they represent.

You can purchase tickets here. At the time this article was written, only the Beauchamp Tower is closed to the public.

Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation

Drive Through Delicious Liquid History with a Cultural Drink Tour

Famous for creating the aesthetically diverse pub and literature scene, London is a cultural jewel and boasts a rich history – and what better way to see for yourself than indulging in rich food and delicious drinks?

This walkabout drink tour takes you to some of the most infamous and influential views in London, immersing you in the history around you.

Then, the trained leaders take you through the alleyways and by-ways into some of the most hidden-gem bar locations that London has to offer.

You’ll wind up concluding the tour at the beautiful Covent Garden, where you can watch the sunset dip down over miles of beautiful greenery.

Costs are as low as 25.00£ per person – get your tickets today!

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Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation
Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation
Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation
Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation
Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation
Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation
Lockdown Ends July 19th – 10 Top Things to do to Celebrate | London Relocation