South Kensington and The Wedge Card for Discounts Locally

by | Sep 7, 2011 | Shopping in London

South Kensington and The Wedge Card

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are combined as they are close in proximity.  For all the Americans moving to London,  as this is a highly settled area for Expatriates from America, you will want to become acquainted with the area.  Finding ways to stay living in London while taking advantage of discounts is important in keeping down expenses. London relocation agents will tell you rents in South Kensington tend to be on the high side as it’s such a desirable area.  Saving where you can on everyday items and local shops is a good bet while living in London. To rent flat in london, contact us today!

There is actually a discount card that is good throughout London and South Kensington, and the Chelsea area is no exception. The card is called the “wedge card,” and its members (London shops, and merchants) extend special discounts to those that present the wedge card.  You’ll get to see the common black and yellow stickers on the front door or inside any storefront window.  While it may seem a little inconvenient to pull out your card at all the places that have offers, it will pay for itself if you do in a very short timeframe.  The card is 10 GBP and is good for a year, two trips to a pub and your discounts will cover the cost of the card for the year.  If you register your card with the Wedge website, then you are also eligible for other special offers in the area via email.

In the Kensington High Street area and Earl’s Court, the map makes it look as if almost every local business is in on the Wedge discounts.  From Moxton’s Fish Market to the honorable mention spot of yesterday, the Americans are moving to London’s favorite spot, Janet’s Bar.   Your relocation to London can find you right in the heart of your community, which is the founding reason for the Wedge card, to keep locals shopping in their local area and to give merchants the chance to network within their respective neighborhoods. really a good deal for the users of the cards.  Many places just offer a straight 5-10% discount, others have specialty deals.  You can check out the participating merchants in the South Kensington area even prior to your relocation to London, just visit this link South Kensington area (opens another page).  Make sure you scroll through the five pages of establishments on the left side of the screen that shows the merchants who are separated by categories.  The categories are:

Entertainment and Leisure

  • Food and Drink
  • Home and Lifestyle
  • Services and B2B
  • Community Associations
  • Online Only

These offerings are pages and pages of merchants, so it’s really worth a little research to find the shops in the South Kensington neighborhood and familiarize yourself with what discounts each merchant has to offer.  The Kensington and Chelsea areas were one of the latest neighborhoods to be added.  So now there are more resources for your searching before or after your relocation to London to learn about living in London and the South Kensington neighborhood.  Want to know more?  Call or email your London relocation services company for a complete listing of London apartments to rent in the area.

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