Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals in London’s vast and varied rental market can be challenging to navigate, especially when you’re looking to move with pets. Finding a pet-friendly property requires patience, research, and sometimes negotiation. Here’s how to improve your chances of finding a Pet-Friendly rental in London welcoming for you and your furry friends.

Understanding the Challenge

Pet-friendly rentals in London are in demand. Many landlords are hesitant to accept pets due to potential damage or noise. However, the tide is changing, with more landlords recognising the benefits of allowing pets.

Utilising Specialist Services

Consider using services like, which specialises in helping renters find suitable accommodations in London, including those needing pet-friendly environments. They have the expertise and network to streamline your search.

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Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals

  1. Be Flexible: You might have more luck finding pet-friendly accommodations in certain areas or types of properties.
  2. Prepare a Pet CV: Including details about your pet, such as breed, size, temperament, and references from previous landlords or veterinarians, can reassure potential landlords.
  3. Get Everything in Writing: If a landlord agrees to allow pets, ensure this is clearly stated in your rental agreement to avoid any future disputes.

Negotiating with Landlords

When you find a property you like, but the pet policy isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to negotiate. Share your pet’s CV, offer assurances, and discuss any concerns the landlord may have. Demonstrating responsibility and offering solutions can sway their decision.

Understanding Pet Policies

Familiarise yourself with the typical pet policies in London rentals. Some may restrict the number, size, or type of pets allowed. Ensure you fully understand and agree to these terms before signing a lease.


  • Are pet-friendly rentals more expensive in London? They can be due to additional deposits, but not necessarily higher in monthly rent.
  • How can I prove my pet is well-behaved to a potential landlord? A pet CV and references from previous landlords or your vet can help.
  • What if the lease says ‘no pets’ but the landlord verbally agrees? Always get an agreement in writing to protect yourself and your pet.
  • Can a landlord change their pet policy after I’ve moved in? Without your agreement, changes to the lease terms, including pet policies, should not occur during the lease period.

How Can Help Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals in London offers personalised assistance for pet owners looking for rentals in London. They understand the market’s challenges and can help negotiate pet-friendly terms on your behalf, making the relocation process smoother for you and your pet.

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Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals in London requires extra effort but is far from impossible. By starting your search early, being prepared to showcase your pet in the best light, and using resources like, you can significantly increase your chances of finding the perfect home for you and your pet.

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