Relocating is hectic for any person, it is even more when moving to London with family. Moving out of an environment that you are familiar with to an entirely new place is never always easy. Here are tips that you could use when moving to London with family.

1.Involve the family

It is better to involve your family by making them part of the whole process. Kids are more stressed when it comes to moving out. The thought of them leaving their friends and enrolling in a new school is usually not easy to them. Involve them in deciding the new home, and finding any information about London that is useful. This helps ease their stress.

2.Find the perfect home

London has many unique neighborhoods to choose from. When deciding where to live it is important to choose a place that feels more like your previous home. This will make the transition much easier. If the family is large then finding a big house is important. Spacious houses and flats are found further away from the Centre of London.

3.Reaching out to your contacts

People you know are key in helping one adjust to a new area with ease. Friends and relatives offer tips on where to finds things you and your family need. Family friends will play an important role in helping your family adjust to the new environment.

4.Have a guarantor

When renting a house or a flat in London it is common for the agents and landlords to ask you for a guarantor. This is someone who will be able to pay your rent in case you won’t be able to. It is important to have someone in mind.

guarantor in London

5. Have enough cash with you

London is an expensive city to live in. when you and family move in be sure to have enough money with you. Landlords may ask for up to six months rent upfront before handing over the keys.

6.Find the best school for your kids

London offers many options where your children can attend school. There are state, private and faith sponsored schools or even single-sexed schools. Whichever you choose involve your partner and kids. Let the decision be a collective one.

7.Work and home

It is much easier when you work and live in the same line. This will not only save you time but will make you and your family settle in faster.

8.Pickpockets and snatchers

The streets of London are filled with thieves including pickpockets and snatchers. When out with the family it is important to know the streets that are safe. Keep off dark and poorly lit streets. Be sure to have a map provided by the police department highlighting dangerous areas.


9.Have a map of the city

It is common for people to get lost in London. It could be worse when you are with your family. It is there important you have a map of the city. This will help you retrace your steps or you’re your way.

10.  Take advantage of the free museums

London has many museums that you and family can enjoy visiting in the weekend. This will let you discover the beauty of London and make you love the place. By doing this you give yourself an opportunity to love the city and forget your previous home.

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