Finding the perfect apartment is difficult in most parts of London. Kensington is not different, finding a rental apartment is hard. Here are some tips you will find useful when looking for a good rental apartment in Kensington.

1.Go through listed properties

Most developers list their properties in magazines and newspapers. Going through such will let you see the available apartments to rent. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are more advantageous since prices are included. A brief description is also provided giving you an idea of the apartment.

2.Do not let flashy designs and finishes deceive you

Some apartments might seem beautiful to the eye. A deeper look will reveal this not to be the case. Make sure materials used for finishing and the furniture is not fake. Ensure everything in the apartment is up to your standards before proceeding with anything.

3.Ask for help from friends

It is better to ask a friend or relative who lives in Kensington or is familiar with the area for help. These people know where to find the best rental apartments. They will advise on the best rates and areas to live.

4.Consider a search agent

It is advisable to hire a search agent if you cannot handle the pressure of finding a house in Kensington. A search agent will do all the work for you. This however comes at an extra cost and most people are not willing to incur.

5. Be cautious when dealing with landlords

London is full of conmen who have infiltrated the housing business. Conmen pose as landlords eventually you end up losing your money to them. It is advisable to be cautious before making payments to a landlord in Kensington.

London landlords

6. Placing an order as soon as possible

Finding an apartment is not easy in Kensington. It is therefore important that when you find one that suits, take it. Placing an order is considered booking the apartment. If possible make the payments.

7. Public transport

The time it takes from the apartment to the nearest public mode of transport is important when determining where to live. Public transport is essential in taking people to work. This helps you save on time especially if you work far from Kensington.


Some streets are not safe in Kensington. Walking in these streets at night is dangerous. Renting an apartment in these streets will most likely put your life in danger. It is advisable to look for apartments in safe streets.


Some rental apartments in Kensington do allow keeping pets. It is important to inquire about this before renting an apartment especially if you own a pet.

10.Pay as much as you can for the best

When you find the best apartment pay as much as you can. It is hard to get an apartment in Kensington and finding a good one is even harder. A good apartment should be held on at all costs.

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