The city of London is renowned for its exhilarating atmosphere and when living in London, you would be crazy not to venture to one of the many fantastic bars. Socializing is important when you first relocate, so that you are able to establish friendships in the early stages. Learn where the best bars are situated before arriving, to help you plan nights out when you transfer homes.

1.    Albion – City and East London

Albion is a bar that most people living here will visit more than once during their time in the city. This chic spot is best suited to people who enjoy style and a sophisticated evening out. Meeting new people is easy when sipping a drink at Albion, due to there being a food section too, which entices even more customers. Foods range from cuisines to simple bacon sandwiches, and an assortment of cocktails and alcoholic beverages can be found on the menu here. Owned by Sir Terence Cohan, Albion receives constant positive reviews and is ideal for newcomers.

2.     1707 – Mayfair

Mayfair is an upscale area to venture to, so for a spot of class with some good company, consider visiting the 1707 bar. This destination caters to people of all ages and the warm wooden and brick interior makes for a comfortable evening. The name of the bar is due to it being founded in the year 1707. A range of wines can be bought here, as well as some appetisers, including cheese and smoked fish.

3.    Coquine – West London

West London is an area that exaggerates a wide range of bars. Coquine is one of these bars and it doubles as a dining spot too. Most people describe Coquine as being a glamorous bar, but it is also perfect for those who like a dance on a night out because downstairs boasts a nightclub environment. If you are living in London, take a trip here and try one of the quality champagnes on offer.

4.    Anam – Islington

Youths living would benefit from taking a look at Anam, which suits young people who revel in the party atmosphere. Anam is situated in an area where stylish socializing comes easy and this particular bar offers guests’ retro interior combined with a DJ lounge. A large selection of drinks can be bought here for a good price.

5.    Apples and Pears – South East London

Number 5 on the list of the top bars to visit has got to be Apples and Pears. Located in South East London, Apples and Pears sets the mood with purple tones and luxurious surroundings. Drinks are prepared with professionalism here, and people should certainly indulge in one of their fruity cocktails.

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