Moving here within the next year? Then methinks it’s time for another Top 5 list highlighting some of our blog posts for those looking to rent apartments, but first needing to determine what you’ll be moving into them with or without:

[hey, where’s my drumroll?! Ah, that’s better…]

1. Moving to London with a pet – Some recommended resources for educating yourself on pet regulations and shipping. I’ll make this a twofer by also including a link here to a previous post on dog-friendly London if it helps at all with deciding whether the pooch will be pleased here. Oh! And while I’m thinking of it, according to some recent buzz on our discussion boards, the Queen Mary 2 is recommended as a cheaper travel option – our friends performed a price comparison of $300 on the QM2 versus $1,500 on BA, for the dog’s fare!

2. Moving to London with a car – Resources for looking into shipping your car here, getting a UK driver’s license, and other driving options and responsibilities.

3. Moving to London with a spouse – Okay, in this case, if you have one, it’s not really so much the decision about whether to bring it ;). Or is it?? I have heard there’s an increasing number of couples who are choosing the long-distance marriage over jeopardizing one or the other’s current employment. If that’s not your case, though, just be prepared for what may be in tow for that loving spouse and how you can be supportive.

4. Moving to London with a job – Some advice on how you can approach negotiating an expat relocation package depending on how you’re transferring over here through work. (I’ll make this another twofer—to bring this list to a lucky 7—and throw in another two pence on moving to London without a job…there’s no set formula to it that can guarantee success, this is merely a few suggestions on where you might get your job search started).

5. Moving to London with furniture – In most cases, our clients move over without it; it depends, really, and this post addresses those factors and some options if you choose to do without.

For what those are worth. Bear in mind these are brief blog posts and not exhaustive resources, but they should at least help you start thinking through these issues and point you in the right direction. And, of course, you are encouraged to give us a  call so we can speak to your individual needs in more detail!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS