Hello everyone who’s moving here! I’ve decided it’s time once again to deliver a list of top posts…usually I do five, but today will double the pleasure with ten. The reason why I do like to compile these lists now and then is to unearth all the useful tips that get buried deeper and deeper into our archives with every new daily blog update, as well as compile it for you in a convenient, one-stop package. So today, if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with the property market as you research your UK relocation, you’ll want a handle on the differences to expect where the lettings industry and London apartments are concerned. (All of the posts listed below, FYI, can be found among others in our “Rent in London: London Apartment Tips” category.

Now let me hear that drumroll…

1. “What to Expect in a London Flat” – Our seven-part series describing different features of the average apartment.

2. “London Relocation’s Property Tip-o-the-Day” – Doing the math on what it costs to rent here.

3. “Brief (or Grief) Counseling on Council Tax” – What the council tax that you pay on your apartment is and how to deal with it.

4. “M.L.S. = M.I.A.” – How to talk the talk and walk the walk with lettings agencies.

5. “Transferring Money: How to ‘Sort’ the bank codes ‘SWIFT’-ly” – Making sense of your UK banking numbers for making payment on your apartment.

6. “If It’s Too Good To Be True…” – Avoiding online property scams.

7. “Moving to London and Feeling Like a Griswald???” – Never fear, we are here!

8. “What You London Lettings Agents & Landlords Talkin’ ‘Bout?!” – Further deciphering the way the lettings market operates.

9. “Americans Moving to London: Finding the U.S. in the UK” – Neighborhood guide on where the Yankees tend to flock.

10. “Some Neighborhood Know-How on Where to Live in London” – An ongoing series breaking down the postcodes and giving brief overviews of each. Some day I’ll finally get around to the southeast… 🙂

I imagine what they say about having children goes for relocating here, too: you can read as much about it as you want to, but you’ll never know what it’s really like until you do it. True. But I hope in the meantime that reading through the above (as well as the countless other posts we’ve written here on our blog) will at least start to manage your expectations so that you aren’t completely caught unawares. And, of course, to supplement this information and customize it to your particular needs, I encourage you to speak to a member of our staff—we’re all here to help you!

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