Eating Tour in London
London eats is a terrific night out, and even more fun when the other 4 or 6 people for the night’s tour are your mates (not for your first date of course). They offer two areas in East End and the Soho scene. Both are fun and easy since you’re walking from venue to venue. Indecently, if you do use this on a first date, tell your date to wear walking shoes, as you’ll be touring an end of the city on foot. The last thing you need to do on your first night is hobble her in heels on cobblestones! You’ll visit restaurants, bars, and pubs and take in quite a bit of local history. The guide makes it fun and of course knows the perfect drink at every pub, and the best known dishes for fabulous food at each place you stop. The same company has a gig in Italy, Prague, and Amsterdam, so don’t worry about it appearing rinky dink, it’s a first class operation.

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V & A Friday Late Nights
The last Friday of the month is a great date venue where you can appear as cultured and in the art know about what’s happening in the City’s art scene. According to the V & A, “Friday Late celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing audiences face-to-face with leading and emerging artists and designers through live film, debate, installation, live performances, DJ’s a spinin’ and late-night exhibition openings.”
Currently, the exhibition is the Records and Rebels of 1966-1970. See how the rebel scene developed here and helped to change the social rules of what’s acceptable in our great City. Technically it doesn’t begin until 6:30, but you may want to show earlier as its first come first serve for some of the venue’s limited seating. The best news? It’s free!

City of London Gin Distillery Bar (Blackfriars Bar)
If you’re looking to loosen her mood and start the evening with some eighteenth century history then the City of London Distillery (C.O.L.D.) is the place to go. In the early 1700’s your average Londoner consumed over 14 gallons each year. That entire century Parliament went to war to shut down the gin mills in the city, and after 5 official acts they succeeded for over 200 years. Well now the C.O.L.D. is back and in full swing.
The atmosphere is very cool and upscale, with wooden accents and the startling huge copper stills behind the extensive wooden bar. You’ll find a knowledgeable and well dressed bartender who will serve you the signature drink…the perfect Gin and Tonic of course!
It’s a high ceiling building with exposed industrial like lighting that accents the old school bar stools. While they do have wine, the Gin & Tonic is the way to go. But for those who shy away from the hard stuff, there’s light ale’s made from the same base ingredients of the gin that are micro brewed and sure to satisfy. They do sell food, but they stick to platters, with a wide range from sushi, to seafood, or cheese, unfortunately, you have to be in a party of 8 for food service. But there are plenty of nearby places to eat, and after the history tour you can wander over to the high street or other East End venues. It’s moderately priced and on Bride Lane and worthy of any first date.

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The Aviary & Oxford Circus Bar
Well if you are looking to stand out amongst suitors it won’t be hard to do at The Aviary. A great ice breaker with a first date as there’s plenty of conversation worthy things to talk about at this eclectic place. The Aviary claims that its one of the “quirkiest party venue in London.” When you enter you’re transported to an underground limestone-like grotto that is wild to walk through. Adorned and surrounded in tropical plants, and exotic model birds there’s much to see and you sip and stroll. They have a killer 200 gallon salt water tank that you don’t want to miss.
The Oxford Circus Bar is on the opposite side and offers a swinging 70’s lit up dance floor to get your grove on (Girls love guys that will dance). But it’s not a grooving 1970’s spot alone, instead, the barstools are from a century earlier, the 1870’s that is an extremely comfortable if you’d rather just do some fun people watching. Either way, between the two spots it’s a great late-night date night, as they serve until 4:00 a.m.

Swingers Golf Club in Shoreditch
Not that kind of swingers! Swingers crazy miniature golf. The holes are quite impossible and it’s sure to inspire a great laugh. While you may use this after you’ve two gone someplace before in Shoreditch for drinks and tapas, this is a great second activity to keep the getting to know one another’s playful side. However, with their brick oven pizzas and fabulous Moscow Mules, and Martini heaven you may just want to eat at the club. You can check out their video here’ll be able to tell who’s a great sport, and who would rather die than lose at anything.

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The Royal Observatory & Greenwich Park
Back to the cultured you we have a great idea that your wine loving date will surely enjoy; pick up a great red, pack two glasses and maybe a bit of a picnic nibble and find you a spot in Greenwich Park. From there you can wander to the Observatory (a much better time after a bottle of wine) and take in all the stargazing your two heart’s desire. There’s little doubt to your high romance i.q. with a picnic in the park, a bottle of wine, and taking a turn under the stars. Of course if its daylight you have the options of the other area attractions connected with the museum, such as the Cutty Sark (arrgghh maties), the Queen’s House and Gardens, and the National Maritime Museum (O.k. that last one’s a bit of a snore, but the other’s are top notch).
Check out a Band at The Lexington in Angel
This is a very cool place with its high ceilings, numerous sofas’ (a great place to sit and get to know one another) and the well known largest collection of whiskies in town. Upstairs is where you’ll hear the bands and Monday night is a big night there. They also serve one of the largest selections of beers from America. It’s got that Rock and Roll vibe about the place and baroque mezzanine that is worth exploring. When there’s not a live gig there is the house DJ’s to keep the music going. They’ve a great dance floor and describe their music tastes as wide as “20’s Jazz, to the latest Indie sounds through the sea of counter-cultural sounds.”
Monday-Wednesdays they are serving till 2:00 a.m., but Thursdays it’s extended to 3:00 a.m., and the rest of the weekend till 4:00 a.m. so you can stay into the wee hours. But if you’re hoping to sample their sumptuous menu you’ll have to order by 10:00 p.m. on weekdays, and by 9:00 p.m. for Saturdays, and Sunday Roasts. They truly have a terrific classic bar burger, but for more substantial meals look to their variety of steaks, they have different cuts different days so ask your server. They also have great bar snacks and a delightful drink menu. We recommend “The Devil’s Eyes” (they describe them causing a “palate-gasm” from the bar snacks menu, which has plenty of small plates to choose from. Such as Chicken Crackling, crushed avocado, with peanut dust, or their Chorizo balls with crunchy bread, or Smoke pulled pork sliders. Truly, you can’t go wrong

Bounce Ping Pong Bar & Restaurant in Farringdon
Located on the spot where the game of table tennis was founded, there’s plenty to keep a date busy and laughing at Bounce. With a terrific bar with many frozen girlie concoctions to get the mood going, there is a good menu and the chance to dine and enjoy while you wait for your ping-pong table. The menu features Italian inspired dishes that still have British influences and the executive chef Richard Edney sources his ingredients locally. May we recommend the sophisticated Canapé menu; delightful!
If you want to avoid waiting, you can call ahead with both your “welcome drink order” and your menu selection, but this requires a party of six or more. Though they will accommodate smaller parties before 6:00 p.m., otherwise it’s a waiting list, which during peak hours will be long, so it’s great for a time-out with three mates and their girls. They offer table side service throughout Bounce, even in the bar and ping pong tables, where you can also order off the bar menu. The DJ’s keep the mood hopping and you’ll see everyone around the tables dancing as they play. It’s a marvelous night of fun, and a great date spot to bring out your best party side. You can check out the venue and some shots of the food and delicious drinks by watching their video here:

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone
We bring up the Zetter Townhouse boutique hotel based in a large Georgian townhouse with 24 state rooms and a killer Rooftop Apartment that features an outdoor, under the stars bath. Though a regular room will set you back about £200-£250, if you have too much fun in the consumption department you can always nonchalantly get a room…
But the bar in the hotel is not to be missed. Crazy Cocktail Combinations are created by the 69 Colebrooke Row, and Bar Termini champion, Tony Conigliaro. An example of one of his wild creations is a grass fed gin and Dubonnet martini that is made with a touch of Peruvian bitters and a grape reduction. They also have house made champagne and an onsite created champagne liqueur.

Gremiode Brixton
With this restaurant selection you can go with a pat line prepared in advance: “Do you want the Good News or The Bad first?” Sure to make you fun and at ease this hidden gem of a place offers crazy good tapas that are served with the greatest care and pride in execution with each plate. So the good news is that the food tastes as sexy as it looks, but the bad news….it in the crypt of St. Mathew’s Church. So when you walk up to the church dodge the front entrance and head to the gate on the side that will lure you down with the DJ’s great sound on the weekend into a romantic hideaway. There’s exposed brick, high-top tables for two all over and all around the room is ambient lighting and candles burning on every nook and cranny.
This menu is so diverse and executed so well that the only trouble you will experience is deciding what to order. Be prepared to have your palate pleased with all the selections available. Between the cured meats, and seafood specialties’ like Octopus with Andalucian Cream Olives, or the delectable Scrambled Duck Eggs, mixed with Txistorra & Mushrooms served on crunchy crispy bread. If you’ve taken her out before we suggest this spot as a first get-to-know period follow up date.

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