So if you’ve been a London Relocation Client for a number of years you probably already know: we’re into it!  So each year we try and take a cool mix of what we’ve seen as Halloween “Whats on” we try to recommend just what we like for our Expat friends.  So for the students, singles and families alike we’d recommend you check out the following:



It’s one of those gigs that could be fun no matter how old, or how well into your celebration you are so far that night.  It’s a complete experience, with two trippy rides and some of the best theater you’ll see up close.  They’ve 15 different shows and Sweeny Todd might be the sreamin’ recommendation.  For about £20 you’ll have an excellent time as over 20 actors perform on sets that are 360.



Ok it’s only 194 years old, but it’s definitely spooky!  Put on by the London Canal Museum they have been at it for years and it’s great for families that are around Islington.  All kids get glowsticks (keep them busy) and sweets while on board.  They tell ghost stories from 1640, 1730, 1830, 1930, and 2030, face painting, treasure hunt, the total kiddie package.  Booking is not required, but recommended.


This is another dichotomy: One for the families, and one for the party crowd.  Fun first: There is a date you want to make with the Halloween Cocktail Capsule…..mmmm and yummy twists!  Mixology professionally provided by “The Cocktail Trading Co’.” Trick or sweet; or bitters or sweets they have libations you’ll strive to recreate at home.

 For the kiddos there a lot of great views as they attend the longstanding “Witch Academy” and join previous years ghouls on a night of fun all the wizards in training.  Thematic hosts lead them on, according to the London Eye “on an interactive tour on the London Eye, featuring a series of sorcerers’ spells and rituals, 135 metres above the capital. Every graduate will receive a special activity pack as they officially join the Witch Academy Alumni.”


: These guys make a year round party of dipping their captives, uh guests… the sick and bloody history of hundreds of years of London’s sordid past.  You have to admit, here like no place else the locals have a taste for the macabre but it’s just possible it’s because so much bad karma is in London’s brutal past.  Its fun for either one of the crowds we’ve mentioned, just mind a later time for more adult company.  They are even booking at 15% off for all Sunday Nights trips.


: OK we’ve linked to this club in Hallows past so we had to give it a quick nostalgic nod to the fetish joint that if you’re not in fetish attire you won’t get in.  An adult play pen for erotic atmosphere’s with rules enforced, but tastes accommodated and Halloween is scheduled to be a big night.

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