Having your pets in London will be one of the more rewarding aspects of your international relocation.

We can help with finding a pet-friendly flat (our service is guaranteed) and help you with advice on your pet relocation. London is VERY pet friendly, and VERY accepting of dogs in most London parks, including the Royal Parks. Now that summer is definitely here (on-the-way!) getting out and exploring some of the exceptional parks that form the Royal Parks is a great way to exercise your furchild and yourself.

The pace of London is frenetic at times, and you might just want to take some time out every so often to recharge your spirit in a natural setting. London has a plethora of parks and gardens that offer you a tranquil setting for a picnic, a walk, or just lazing around in a deckchair on a Sunday afternoon.

Licenced via Creative Commons. Original: lickr.com/photos/hernanpc/15210041473
Licenced via Creative Commons. Original: lickr.com/photos/hernanpc/15210041473

Hyde Park – Pets in London, Welcome!

Though there are some areas where your dog should be kept on a leash, Hyde Park is a wonderful area in which to walk your dogs. This is probably one of the most famous parks in London, and certainly one of the largest. Covering over 140 hectares of central London, Hyde Park is so much more than just an open space. Dissected by the Serpentine River, Hyde Park offers something for everyone. From boating on the lake to horse riding and even tennis, the park is open every day of the year and even the stark beauty of winter does not keep people away from Hyde Park.

Hampstead Heath – Pet Walks, Frisbee and the Best View of London

With its magnificent open spaces and open-paw policy for dogs, Hampstead Heath is a phenomenal spot for a long walk. There are some simple petiquette rules, but dogs are very much part of the character of the Heath, and part of its history. Your pets in London are in for a treat when it comes to the amount of open space made available for walking. Regents Park is probably one of my favorite, though dogs must be on-leash at the boating Lake and Heather Gardens.

Pets in London on the Tube:

Yes!  All dogs are allowed on the London Underground (for free!). They must be on a leash and must be carried on the escalators, so there is NO excuse about not being able to get out to the park to enjoy the summer evenings.

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