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London Relocation offers so much more than ‘just a relocation service’. We’re about delivering a spectacular relocation experience, that not only sets us apart, but establishes us as an integral resource for anyone moving to London. While we’re full of great advice about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your relocation, we’re also committed to bringing you the very best advice on living in London.

There is No Wrong Turn in London…

London is characterized by its churches, parks and palaces and the many people who visit the city seek out those attractions. But you’re a Londoner now, so you get the chance to really explore the city and delve into the detail that makes living here such an experience. The city’s Roman legacy is reflected in the ground at the London Wall as well as the faces of every church which are imprinted  with the aide memoire of the time during which London was attacked during World War II, a period referred to as the London Blitz. London wears every period of its long history for the present to see; to walk from east to west is to watch the city unfold through time.

View of Fleet Street

Christopher Wren’s work continues to marvel all around the City of London: Holborn’s Fleet Street, long associated with the London press and the Royal Courts, Westminster, you will hold court with the regents, royals, and ruffians who run this fair capital, and up in Bloomsbury you’ll mingle with the students and youth who hold the future of London in their eager grasp.

There is no reason to spend £30 on tourist trips to the Tower of London and the London Eye, only to be left wondering what to do for the rest of your day with just pocket change to spare. Be your own tour guide. From avant-garde architecture in Islington to the urban wilderness of Hampstead Heath, the best of London’s sights are often those seen via excursions on foot. No matter what path you choose, whether you’re strolling down small cobblestone streets or briskly marching down a modern thoroughfare, your exploration will be rewarded. There is no wrong turn.

London is a place to be experienced, not toured so while you are living in London, you need to be a part of the fabric of life in order to really experience this fascinating city.

The Koi Carp Ponds at Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden

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Feeling Frazzled? Visit The Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden

A rather romantic tale of a US choreographer who built the spa for his ballerina wife which soon became a post- training retreat for dancers from the Royal Ballet. The Sanctuary Spa is a women’s only Spa that offers respite from the rigours of big city living. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of champagne by the Koi Carp pools, indulging in the latest heat and ice Glacial treatment or a Yummy Mummy Massage, the Sanctuary  provides the much needed peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sophisticated pampering right in the middle of London. The building where it is housed has in the past been everything from a “house of ill repute,” to a banana warehouse. Opened in 1977, and the 2013 Winner of the Good Spa Guide Readers Spa of the Year (London), the Sanctuary has been restoring the calm to London women for over 35 years. It is sheer indulgence, with everything aimed at soothing the body and mind.


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