International Schools - ACS Egham
International Schools – ACS Egham

The term “expat” derives from the Latin prefix ex (out of) and the noun patria (native country).

The world we live in today is often borderless with respect to professional opportunities; the world is your oyster in terms of job roles and the typical mantra surrounding an expat is that they receive great packages and have an above average lifestyle wherever they are.

What About The Expat Family?

What you don’t usually hear about is the kids. How are they affected by moving globally?

I had the pleasure of attending ACS Egham’s Relocation Networking event last week, let me tell you – I wish I could turn back time and become an expat kid myself!

The schools: Egham, Cobham and Hillingdon are all based west of London so although they are not in the city centre they are a quick train ride away. The Egham campus itself blew me away, it is situated on an old British estate with all the attendant pomp and circumstance integrated with top of the line technology for the students. As we toured the school we were able to go into the classrooms and see the effective and modern educational opportunities for students: Everything from iPads, Macbooks to 3-D printers.

Sure beats a simple pen and notepad or the green screen computer I used in the early 90’s!

Have Kids, Will Travel!

The learners at ACS are all International and all in the same boat, offering each other a really good support group. ACS is the only school in the UK offering all four International Baccalaureate (IB) programs making it a truly inclusive and international experience. Regardless of where their parents are assigned they can continue the same standard of education.

When I was in high school the best part of the extra-curricular activities was travelling out of town to play sports or go on language trips.  Being from Central Alberta the farthest we went was down to South East Alberta to a small town called Medicine Hat and to Quebec for a French Exchange. Learners at ACS Schools are not only playing sports they love but they attend tournaments throughout Europe as well.

Expat kids have coined the term ‘third culture kids’ because through their journey they tend to develop a culture of their own, combining both the culture from their home country as well as that of the new country. They will grow up with a more complete world view and greater appreciation for other cultures. The diversity these kids are growing up with is unparalleled!

As Moving Coach at London Relocation I speak to expats from around the globe and I feel as if the importance of constantly educating myself on the different schools and what they offer is of the utmost importance as no two children are alike. Let me know how I can help you find the most suitable locations for not just yourself but your expat family as well.

We work with some excellent school consultants who can aid with the search. At LR we understand that moving abroad is an experience and a process for the entire family and we’re here to help you through: From first phone call to our settling-in service, we’re able to guide, mentor and ensure that your move is a seamless transition into a new life – not just a new home.


Devon-Lampard- London-Relocation

  Author Devon Lampard is a highly skilled and specialised Moving Coach for London Relocation.

When not  guiding people through the process of moving to London (or trying to re-enrol in High School in a foreign country!),  Devon is passionate about travel, experiencing new cultures and is currently learning Urdu. 

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