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Relocation to London – Christmas Religious Services

When moving to London, England many American families look for activities they enjoyed at home in the States. This could not be truer than during the Christmas season. With Christmas Eve just one day away many American families are thinking about attending religious services. London is a huge city with many churches. The Church of England is by far the largest denomination and holds many Christmas Eve and Christmas services in churches across the city.

Relocation to London – River Rambles

You cannot say that you have completed your relocation to London unless you have taken a tour of the River Thames. The river is a part of London and is much of a tourist attraction as it is a vital cog in the transport network. If you have visited the London Eye after moving to London you’ll have a great idea of the way that the river snakes back and forth across the city. Spending a day on the River Thames is a phenomenal way of getting to know London.

Living in London – Off the Beaten Path

I think it’s safe to say that after living in London for some time, you’d be quite familiar with the famous tourist attractions that the city has to offer. Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Regent’s Park will leave you feeling a bit ho hum after a while, particularly if you’re the kind with your very own London flat.

Living In London – Summer Sensations Part II

You’re moving to London in the summer! It’s the best time of year to get settled into your new London apartment and to explore your new home town. London puts on a spectacular show in summer and you’ll have a chance to discover the excitement and splendor of British culture and ceremony while making your way through the city.