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A Night at the Theatre after Moving to London

This Valentine’s Day couples should take advantage of all their new city has to offer after moving to London. One of the most popular date activities for Londoners and tourists alike is a night at the theatre. With a theatre district comparable to New York City’s any couple will be delighted and impressed with the offerings. London’s theatre history dates back five hundred years and many of the physical buildings housing long-running London plays are architectural marvels in and of themselves and a real treat for couples after moving to London.

Living in London – The West End

If you’re living in London and settled into your new London apartment you will get the urge to venture out and take in a night on the town. If you are looking for a good night out, you could do a great deal worse than the West End. The district is home to more than a few cinemas, thea​tres and restaurants, and it’s recognized by most as the entertainment capital of the UK. You might also like to know that its Europe’s largest shopping district.

Living In London – Family Travel

If you are moving to London, you’ll be doing a fair amount of entertaining of family and friends from back home, and you should have a list a list of different types of accommodation so that you don’t have them camping on your doorstep. While you might enjoy having hordes of people staying with you, London apartments are small and don’t have the space that you might expect. Finding budget wise accommodations can be a challenge in London, because it is so dependent on where you are situated. The best thing to do is to get people settled into a central location and then show them the London sights and top tourist attractions from there. You’ll save yourself a ton of trouble and housekeeping time.