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Moving to London – Setting up Friends Who Visit from the States

Those Americans moving to London will be doing a fair amount of entertaining of family and friends from back home. To prepare for this onslaught of friends and family one should have a list a list of different types of accommodation to ensure there won’t be any unintended guests camping on their doorstep or – even worse – couch. While the idea of having people visit after moving to London and hosting cozy slumber parties may be inviting, London apartments are small and don’t have the space for such sleepovers.

Living in London – London’s Inner City Wildlife

Moving to London, and having taken in all the stereotypes of the city that culture has to offer, it’s likely that one thing you won’t associate with the city is animals. Yes, it’s a big city and it’s to be expected that a big city will have a zoo, but the city of London is sadly the victim of a stereotype that says that the only things that it probably has to offer are buildings, restaurants, theatre, rain and the Queen. There are other attractions to living in London and finding them while you explore your new home town is going to be one of the most exciting aspects of moving to London. Take this then as additional education in London Life. This is especially important if you’re moving to London with kids as there are few easier ways to educate your kids while showing them a good time than by taking them to the zoo.

Living in London – The London Melting Pot

If you’ve just managed to complete your relocation to London, then you may have already noticed that one of the most exciting aspects of the city is the diverse mix of people and cultures. And not just when it comes to restaurants and the different styles of food they offer, although I don’t think that anyone could argue against the vast difference that the influx of Indians to the city has done for Fridays nights. No, just in terms of the enormous number of different cultural influences that the city experiences and how this must affect day to day living. In a day going to and from work you’re likely to come across a selection of people as diverse as Jamaicans, Ghanaians, Cypriots, South Africans, Australians and Americans. If you’re very lucky, you might even bump into a few English people.

Living in London – Smile for the Camera!

One of my favorite things about living in London is catching the city I live in on the telly. And I don’t just mean EastEnders (though that’s fun too). I mean watching a movie and suddenly seeing a part of the city you visit quite regularly. Like watching ‘Mission Impossible’ and spotting Bankside located nearby to London’s Southwark Bridge. Or an unnervingly empty and desolate Piccadilly Circus in ‘28 Days Later’. It can be loads of fun playing ‘spot-the-location’ while sitting on your couch watching movies or amongst an audience at the cinema. Here are some of my favorite examples of London in the movies.