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Relocation to London – Art and About

Your relocation to London is not all about paperwork, leases and council tax. You need to make sure that you are able to spend some time exploring and discovering everything that London has to offer. It is hard for people after a relocation to London to spend weeks trawling the city like a tourist. You are building a life in the city and that usually means a full working week and domestic chores on top of that.

Making sure that your weekends are clear is an important part of the settling-in process after your international relocation. London is a city that is rich in arts and culture and spending some time immersed in the arts world will be a rewarding part of moving to London.

Living in London – Summer in the City

Heading straight into June and with the glorious days of July, August and September ahead, we find ourselves with Summer in London upon us. As an American moving to London, you may very well find yourself comfortably sitting with the illusion that London (and England as a whole) is a drab and colorless city, with summers as cold as many cities’ winters. If so, you’re in for quite a surprise once London’s summer swings around.

Living In London – Make Like A Tourist!

You’re in a unique position; living in London. You get the chance to spend time visiting some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions and at the end of the day you get to go back to your cozy London apartment and know that you can do it all again tomorrow without having to catch a plane home again.