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Moving to London – London will Light up Your Life

If you’re making a relocation to London, you’ll surely be charmed by the lovely black iron lamps lining the streets as you look for London apartments with your London Relocation agent. In combination with the rows of columned terraced houses, it may transport you back to Victorian times. Sort of. The street lamps today are lit by electricity, obviously.

But think of this: by 1823, there were 40,000 gas lamps in London that had to be lit one by one by hand thanks to the lamplighters. That’s tremendous! How laborious, and yet how romantic.

In any case, I just stumbled on this other… [read more]

Relocation UK – Only in London…Would Dead Cats Lead to New Stores

A relocation to London UK will acquaint you with the odder corners of history for sure. This ancient city has hosted a quirky population in its day, and it never ceases to amuse me how these quirks are often responsible for some of its more charming features.

Last week, I started a series on London’s side street surprises; that is, relatively off-the-beaten-path pockets of the city where you can try to dodge the tourists. In my second post on this topic, I’d mentioned the Burlington Arcade just off Regent Street and how its origins were rather bizarre. Well, as promised, here’s a snippet… [read more]