Packing Your Carry-On Luggage for a London Move

Welcome back, Weekend Warriors!  How’s that packing for your international move going?  We’ve been focusing so far on what to pack as well as not to pack, and today I’d like to address what not to pack yet.  That is, the things to leave out until the movers have taken everything else and you’re ready […]

Packing Small and Fragile Items for a London Move

Welcome to yet another lovely weekend of packing for your move to London!  Hopefully, the packing tips for moving house are proving helpful so far.  Last Saturday, I covered useful ways of labeling the outside of your boxes so you can make sense of the towers of cargo that will swallow your wee London flat […]

Labeling Moving Boxes for a London Move

Welcome to the weekend, everyone!  Hopefully you can give yourself a break after the busy week you surely had, but if you’re in the midst of moving to London, it’s inevitable that guilt will consume you if you do nothing about it.  Don’t freak out, it’s okay…that’s why I’ve been breaking the packing process down […]

Get Packing Materials for a London Move

A rather simple yet critical point that I should have addressed earlier to help with packing for your overseas move:  PACKING MATERIALS.  I know, derr… …yet it is something to consider well in advance, especially as you make the decision whether the moving company will be packing for you or not.  If they are, you […]