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Relocation to London – Transitioning to Tea

Canadians and Americans moving to London should be aware that tea is serious business in England and should not be taken lightly. Visitors to London are behooved to have a cup of tea and scone before returning to the states. If one is not a tea fan they will be after moving to London! Having a spot of tea is a daily ritual for the majority of Londoners and to truly feel like a Brit those moving to London must partake in this tradition.

Relocation to London Includes Drinking Tea

For Americans relocating to London, as well as Canadians moving to London should be aware, tea is serious business in England. Hardly anyone visits London without having a cup and a scone in endless trendy spots. If you are not a fan of tea, you will be after your relocation to London. Having a “spot” of tea is a daily ritual in English society, and you must partake in this tradition to truly feel like a Brit. The British typically begin their day with a cup of tea, not coffee, but they are more known for their afternoon tea breaks, which can occur at two different times in the afternoon.

Relocation to London – High Tea

Nothing will complete your relocation to London than ‘high tea’ and one of the posh hotels right in the center of the city. It may not be traditional English fare, but it is definitely an English tradition. Settling into life in a new country after an international relocation can be daunting. It can be all too easy to slip into the routine of work and home. You’re in one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Take time to enjoy everything about the city after your relocation to London

Living in London – Tea for Two!

Tea and Scones is the kind of thing that’s become so ingrained in the British culture that you could go to any tea room across Britain and be offered a proper English Tea with Scones. It’s also popular outside of Great Britain and you could go as far as South Africa and be able to be served a Cream Tea.

Living in London – “Tea for Two”

If you are going to be living in London, then you might want to explore some of the culture surrounding tea, the drinking of tea and the preparation of the beverage. If it seems a little odd to devote an entire article to the consumption of tea then you might be surprised to learn that on average British people consume nearly 3 kg’s of tea per annum. It is the national drink of the United Kingdom and if you are entertaining people during the day, then you should be able to prepare and serve tea to your guests. Part of living in a new country is the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and customs of the country, and drinking tea at any time of the day is very much a part of the culture in England.