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Living in London – London Cabs and Taxis: An Overview

London is a big city and while you might be tempted to buy a car to get around, you’ll soon find out that it is far easier if you use the myriad of efficient and excellent public transport that is available. Most people who consider moving to London will be able to get around easily and safely using the taxis that can be found on every corner. The buses and tubes do not run on a twenty-four hour basis and if you are doing some late night partying then you’ll want to be able to get home in the wee hours of the morning.

Relocating to London:Top Transport Tips – Taxi Tips

The sight of a Black Cab making its way through the city streets of London has become a tourist attraction in itself. Taking a Black Cab maybe slightly more expensive than taking a tube or the bus, but if you are relocating to London, it might be wise to use the London Taxi’s for a while until you get to know the city. The Black Cabs are an integral part of life in London and play a large part in the entire London experience.