Relocation Jobs – Questions To Ask Your Employer

If this is your first time abroad and you’re getting excited about the opportunity of relocation to London you need to make sure that you’ve got your finances nailed down with your employer before you start packing.

Relocation to London – Why Choose an Expat Tax Expert

Remember you have two years to apply for a tax refund, and a good tax expert can sort it all out for you and save you the possibility of civil charges for not paying tax in the US or criminal charges which you may be liable for if you have not filed a tax return after your relocation to London.

Relocation to London – Facts about Tax Filing for Expats

The details involved in keeping your finances and tax obligations under control can be challenging for many expats. If you’re one of the many Americans moving to London you’ll have to file two sets of returns and one of them is due right now.

Relocation to London – Financial Times

There is another aspect of your relocation to London that you have to consider carefully even before you make the move across the pond. For Americans moving to London you have to get a professional to look into your tax affairs and advise you on different aspects of your employment and what it means for your tax returns back home.